Can’t Stop Laughin” ~ Oh What A Feeling!

When was the last time you realized something so silly… you couldn’t stop laughing?

This happens quite a bit, however this last one is a doozy!
I loved it so much I placed it in my Rainy Day Jar… I added the word “Feat”
rainy day jar
Listening to lots of music on my recent road trip ~ I noticed  many artists are now collaborating together..
One group caught my attention as they seemed to appear with a variety of artists..
They showed up again while listening to Keith Urban “the Fighter.” Collaborating with Keith Urban was Feat and Kelly Clarkson..
Here they are again.. “Feat”! I asked my cousin.. who is this band “Feat” ?
They are turning up everywhere… with Sia and now Keith Urban!
I need to know who they are!
My cousin smiled and said.. “that is not a band, it means “featuring” it is Keith Urban “featuring” Kelly Clarkson!
Ha! How obvious! How did I not get that? Wow! I couldn’t stop laughing… and every time I think about it.. I laugh even more ! Oy! such a feeling! I love it…
Now that’s Fabulous Feng Shui Fire Energy!
Feng Shui Fire Energy is Fun ~ Fabulous and Dramatic… Which is why I was so struck by the silliness of my discovery.  We can use these connections to keep us flexible and open to experience the magic around us.
What is the most obvious thing you learned that made you laugh? that is still making you laugh? I’d love to hear it!
Which brings me to my pal Justin Timberlake singing!
Embrace the Feeling! Dance Dance Dance – Can You Feel The Fun Emerging!


Recognize Anyone? 5 Element Astrology Personality Discovery

I am fascinated with how complex we are yet how simple it can be. My Feng Shui studies opened a new door for me to understand myself and those around me. The 5 Elements in nature are the same elements in our space and in our person. Understanding and recognizing what makes us tick ~ makes all the difference. We can be ourselves with purpose and have the understanding to adapt as needed or desired.  Here a is glimpse into this world… Oh and yes.. these “Numbers” have significance…  5 Element Astrology ~ Uncover your true nature.

5 Element Personalities ~ Can You Find Yourself or Recognize Those in Your Life?

1 Water: Flowing, Quiet & Dormant as Winter. “Floating”.  Sensual, Wise & Resourceful. 

Willpower, Courage & Stubborn. Good negotiators, they are flexible & adaptable. Freedom is key, they rebel against structure, and prefer staying up late and sleeping in. Horizontal is their position, especially if it is in the Water!  Ease is their operating mode. Influenced by their emotions they may express “watery”.  Lovers of Art, Writing and Daydreaming.
Connect: Allow them to Process, Float and Be Creative – They Are Thinkers. 

3,4 Tree: Upward Moving Energy. The Burst of Spring! “Doing”. Active, Driven, Kind & Optimistic. Independent, Strong, Dynamic Energy. Practical yet Risk takers. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! They can become impatient & pushy. Like thunder “3” blows & goes. Like a willow “4” is the wind, gently moving back & forth. Outdoors is where they want to be. Practicality is key-show me the study!
Connect: Allow them to be Physically Active – They Are Doers. 

9 Fire: Outward Peaking Energy of Summer. “Fun” Curious, Passionate, Charismatic & Self-Driven. Spontaneous, Adventurous & Inspiring. Fun is key, people are drawn to their funloving nature. They lose focus when they become scattered, attention everywhere; like the sparks of a flame. Be engaging to grab their attention.
Connect: Allow them to Express Themselves, Engage Their Curiosity – It Must Be Fun! 

2,5,8 Earth: Nurturing, Grounding, Settling In. “Nurturers”. Stable, Loyal and Supportive.  “2” will tend to nurture everyone. “5” will always be at the center of it all. “8” The tough exterior tender inside. Comfort is key. There is a tendency to worry, about everything.
Connect: Allow them to be your Supporters, your Caregivers. Safe and Cozy environment is their comfort zone. 

6,7 Metal: Inward Contracting Energy, Autumn, “Refined” Organized, Focused, Confident and Intuitive. An innate aesthetic appreciation for fine things, but not appreciative of criticism. “6” the Father, Authority Visionary. “7” the Youngest Daughter, Joy, Creativity.  Both are very sensitive in their unique ways and can be sensitive to the environment.
Connect: Allow them to have their personal space and have a voice in their surroundings-They Feel Everything. 

Questions? I am here to answer! contact me for your complimentary chat. Personal 5 Element Discovery Astrology Sessions Available

Are You Ready For Chinese New Year? Feng Shui with the Fire Rooster

January 01, 2017 has come and gone.. have we set our goals? Did we begin our new regime?

Good News! It’s never too late to begin anew!
Tag along with the energy of Chinese New Year! 2017 The Year of the Fire Rooster
Here are some tips to get you started ~ 

My Gift to You is a Red Envelope use this link to apply

Prior to Chinese New Year’s Day – Through New Years Eve January 27, 2017

  1. Clear out and de-clutter making room for new opportunities coming our way. A drawer, a shelf, a room, our wallet/purse, every little bit makes room for a lot more.
  2. Clean ~ Prepare for a fresh start. Through clear windows with all the light bulbs working, all opportunity and wisdom is clear for us to “see.” Our beauty is reflected in our mirrors.
    Check out your front door, get out the WD40 if the lock sticks. What is going on at the entrance? make it inviting – time for a new welcome mat!
  3. Stock the fridge and cupboards with an abundance of fresh nutritious foods. Having enough for leftovers after New Year’s Day assures us abundance all throughout the New Year.

A festive colorful fruit bowl connects our intention to abundance:
Oranges and tangerines represent money and prosperity
Apples symbolize good health and safety
Pineapples symbolize recognition and promotion
Grapes symbolize success and abundance
Feast on noodles; uncut they represent long lif

3. Bring in the Blooms! Live blooming flowers represent rebirth, new growth, new beginnings.

4. Strut Your Stuff!  Our appearance, actions and attitudes set the tone for the New Year. Prepare to strut your stuff ~ indulge in a manicure, pedicure, massage, new hair style; any activity to set your intention for the year to come.

On Chinese New Year’s Day – Saturday January 28, 2017 

  1. The first words we speak should be sweet and filled with love to insure each day will be such. Breathe in gratitude as we will insure much to continue to be grateful through out the year.
  2. The first thing we eat should be sweet, to ensure we will have only sweetness filling up all days of the New Year. Mandarin Oranges are the sweetness of choice
  3. Wear new clothes; include something red, whether it is seen or unseen – it is still auspicious!
  4.  Enjoy the day! As all the preparation has been completed, there are no chores to be done on New Year’s Day to ensure we will not be burdened with hard work this year. We will prosper smooth and easy. Should you find that there is work to be done on New Year’s Day ~ choose the activities that bring the greatest abundance, engage with the most positive activities and clients

~ “Gung Hey Fat Choy” ~

“Wishing You Prosperity & Wealth” or “May Your New Year Be Fortunate”

Prosperity Coins 

~My Favorite Wish for All
~Silver Ru Yi

“Wan Shi Ru Yi”  “May Everything Go As You Wish, May Everything Go Smoothly”

 ~Follow Your Heart’s Desires~

peace in every breath

Have Fabulous Feng Shui Everyday ~ And the dish ran away with the spoon!

Here is my holiday story for you.

My friend Betsy gave me this lovely peace sign door ornament. It is made from tiny bells, it doesn’t jingle too much, it has a festive feeling but most of all it makes me smile. When I see this peace sign I think about my friend,

peace in every breath

fabulous front door feng shui every day

how grateful I am to know her, how much fun we have together, how we inspire each other. I also am reminded to feel peace in every breath.

There is a part of me that connects to these feelings when I see this peace sign.
For each thought, there is a feeling. I am now anchoring an experience to looking at this peace sign. This anchor is creating these feelings whenever I see this peace sign. I do not need to do anything consciously, I automatically begin to smile and breathe peace in every cell.

Awesome stuff ~ right!

Guess what happened next ~ One day the peace sign disappeared. One moment it was on the door ~then next it was gone.

I looked everywhere. It was as if it vanished into thin air…  There was a feeling of frustration in the air!

I let it go, and every so often I would look around once more to see if I could find it.

I replayed the scene in my mind, to see what I could find that would give me a clue to where the peace sign had gone. I remembered I was taking out all the paper recycle materials. At the time, we did check the bags that were going out the door, nothing.

Whenever I would come home, I would think about that peace sign and how much I missed it. I googled and shmoogled everywhere to see if I could replace it. Nothing.

Then I just let it go.

Here is what happened next.

After another fabulous weekend away, enjoying nature, breathing peace into every cell. Feeling fulfilled by just being, I came home to find the peace sign back on the door once more.  Tom found it in the garage. We have no idea how it got there.

All of a sudden my light went on inside ~ I knew then it was not until I was aligned with peace inside of me that, my peace would show up once more on the outside. The day the peace sign ran away I can recall expressing frustration and irritability, certainly not the energy of peace.

I talk about this all the time, how we are human tuning forks attracting the frequencies which we are vibrating. This is a perfect example how our energy can change our experience. How “hey diddle diddle will cause the dish to run away with the spoon”! For whatever reason this is the rhyme that keeps showing up when these things happen, reminding me not to take myself so seriously, get out of those cranky pants, get up, laugh and dance!

So now all is well, peace is back in action, singing along a favorite song.  Let’s use this holiday spirit to share peace and every breath and love in every heart.

Put a little love in your heart.. and the world will be a better place and the dish will come home with the spoon!



How Dowsing in Your Space Can Rack Up Revenues

I recently wrote an article about how dowsing can increase revenuesAccelerate for Debra Angilletta‘s new magazine Accelerate:  A Magazine for Entrepreneurs on the Fast Track to Profits.  

You can sign-up now for the first, absolutely FREE copy of this entrepreneurial magazine.

Oh Vey, Feng Shui!

The roadblocks in our business that we can clearly see are not necessarily what is holding us back.

For some of us, we are affected more by what we can’t see. It’s about what we feel. All appears clear and in order on the outside, but on the inside, we still feel uneasy. That feeling of uneasiness speaks to the laws of Feng Shui. It’s a system of laws that focus on how you arrange your space in relation to the flow of energy and the results you receive.

Feng Shui “speaks” in metaphors. What  is happening in your space is a reflection of what is happening in your life. Those principles take into account the places where we you physically store your things as a reflection of the thoughts stored in your mind – or your subconscious space.

We’ve all had that feeling when entering a room or a space, that something just was not right. How many of us actually take the time to stop, notice, and become aware?

Here is your first success key – without awareness, there cannot be change.

I have found most people’s perceptions regarding Feng Shui relates to where you place your desk, files, or chair. Maybe it’s all about the color or décor. They presume there are just one or two choices. That’s it.

Whoa, it is so much more!

It is that moment we say, “Oy vey, I just can’t take this anymore!”

Here is your first SUCCESS key: Without awareness there cannot be change.

Take a moment; what is your “Oy vey?”

Does it feel like new clients aren’t coming through the door?

Do you feel stuck in the mud, and can’t seem to move forward?

Are files and papers piling up all around you?

Does everything look perfect, clean, clear, and appealing? But, you know something just doesn’t feel right?

Bingo…That’s awareness!

Let’s take an example of how this affects realtors: You have a listing on the market that just won’t sell. You have diligently worked with the client… cleaning, purging, painting, staging – it looks fabulous. The price is right. The location perfect! All properties in the area are moving; but, this one property – nothing. “Oy Vey!” you say.

The realtor did everything right, by painting and  staging. But, there is something in the way of the desired outcome of the sale. Think about it this way – all of those efforts are like putting fresh flowers in dirty water.

Time to call in Feng Shui.

The ultimate Feng Shui process includes a practice called “dowsing” – the time tested tool for accessing information in our environment. Very scientifically, it accesses the information beyond the physical.

First, we use dowsing to identify the energy of our environment that we can feel. Just like on a cold, blustery day, you can feel the wind as you step outside. We do not see it. But, we know it is there.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have energy that we may identify in our physical space. It comes in the shape of the objects that direct our movement and flow. Is a chair blocking your direct path to something you access every day?

Together these energies create our experience, each just as important as the other.

Dowsing provides information without judgement. We ask to find the information creating the disturbance. The disturbance would be isolated based on the issue. In this case for the realtor, it would be preventing the sale of the property.

The desired outcome is to sell the house, which is reached by releasing stress and clearing the energy.

Whether preparing a property for sale or moving clients into a new home, it’s important to clear the energy of any stress or leftover residue from prior occupants.

This can also be said of clearing the residual energy of the builders and landscapers!

Everyone involved in that home leaves their imprint, or their “scent” so to speak.

Dowsing may be just part of the prescription to clear the roadblocks to your desired outcome.

Once the fog has lifted, you feel like a million bucks – and have the potential to earn that as a realtor!

Feng Shui resources use tools, such as dowsing, to create the right prescription to integrate the seen with the unseen.The most important part of this equation is YOU!

Here’s a favorite Feng Shui tip that will get you on your way to solving your “Oy Vey!”

“Fabulous Firsts”

Be aware of the first thing you see when you awaken each morning. Or, the first thing you see as you enter your office, or sit at your desk, or in your favorite chair. Use these first images to fill you up with feelings support.

We are made up of many different thoughts and feelings, all of which are on-call 24/7. They guide us to keep us safe, to make decisions, and to direct us to our desired outcome.

Use these “firsts” to create supportive feelings. Now, start to observe when those feelings aren’t so nurturing. When do you find yourself getting irked, annoyed or frustrated?

For example, take notice of your experience when you enter your office. Is it easy? Is it a struggle? Is it effortless to get to the door? Does the door open easily or does it stick?

Dowsing Yields Powerful Results

How does the first thing we see make us feel? These are all of the “imprints” we are creating day after day. But, here is how it’s affecting us in a bigger way. Back to our example of the office door that sticks. Since your mind anticipates that is going to happen, even before you start your trek to your office, you feel the tension in your neck starting to build, and soon your back hurts, and your mood turns sour. Why? Because your body knows it’s about to go into war with that office door again.

Can you see how powerful noticing these “firsts” are and how you can remedy your roadblocks? It is in your best interests to set your stage, to create your best-intention imprints. It’s easy.

Begin by noticing how you feel during one of your fabulous firsts – if the feeling does not serve you, take a moment to decide what one thing you can do to change it? In this case, a good handyman! Begin with just one thing, then move on to notice the next. Small steps yield powerful results. Ready for more tips? Get your free gift and start turning your “Oy Vey” into big returns.


Feng Shui, Full Moon in Leo,
I’m With Leo! Feng Shui, The Moon In Leo and YOU

I’m With Leo!

I know who to hang with,

I Love Leo, I Love the Moon and I Love You.

OOoooo what a little feng shui can do for you!

Many of you have heard me sing this tune..

Feng Shui reminds us to look to nature for inspiration.

Look to the rainbows, the sunrise and sunsets.
Mother Nature has it covered!

She brings us the Moon in Leo – Sundown Thursday August 18 to Sundown August 19.

Get ready for power! Set your intentions for the biggest day  filled with LOVE – the most powerful of the year!

This is the perfect time to begin things during this new phase.

There is so much light that whatever we put into motion will progress much faster than any other time of the year.

Be mindful of our thoughts, words, actions.

This is the day to choose our thoughts with divine intention.

This is the day to choose our words and actions specifically for what we desire.

We are human tuning-forks!

Whatever we put out there is what we will attract!

Like attracts Like.

Be The Light.

Be The Love.

Mother Nature will take it from there.

Namaste; The Light In Me Recognizes the Light In You – Let’s Share the Light.

Summer Feng Shui Fun and Inspiration


happy buddahIs it any coincidence we associate summer with fun? Feng Shui teaches us that the Season of Summer is the essence of the Fire Element. Obviously for students, summer means “schools out!” – so why do “I” still get that giddy fun vacation feeling  when summer rolls around? And I have not been a calendar year student for quite some time.
The Element Fire tells it all. Fire is the light in our hearts, the light in our eyes.

When the lights are bright, all becomes clear, we are motivated, we awaken, we are ready for fun!

We enjoy the summer fun and find ourselves out into the bright evening, enjoying those late night sunsets and fireflies.
Fire ignites our curiosity, passions and our joy.

Fire inspires.

Fire is transformational.

May I share a tip with you?
We do not need to wait until summer to enjoy the essence of this fire element.
We can tap into this essence all year long.

When we find ourselves too serious, find some fire;
Connect with someone who lights up your life, brings you laughter.
Do something silly.
Laughter really is our best medicine. A good belly laugh will warm our body and cleanse our spirit with tears of joy. You know that feeling of release after a good laugh, ahhh…I feel at least ten pounds lighter and ten years younger!

When we are bored, find some fire;
Engaging our curiosity, will lead us to inspiration.
Look to the rainbow of inspiration, in nature, in music, in body and spirit.

Get up and dance your happy spirited soul ~ shine your light with laughter

Become the inspiration you seek in this world.
You are the fire that ignites our light.
Namaste – The Light In Me, Recognizes The Light In YOU

Feng Shui Wallet Wisdom by Lois Kramer-Perez CHt.


Feng Shui loves the color red. Red is our most auspicious color, connected with our fire energy; it is expansive, passionate, aligning us with our highest potential, red is living! We love to wear red, paint our front doors red, and surround ourselves with this auspicious energy of red.

We love to carry a Red Wallet.
A Red Wallet attracts and multiplies wealth.
Keep your wallet organized with room for the abundance of wealth you will be receiving.
Have your deposit slips handy or download your deposit bank app.
It is important to find the wallet you adore.
Love the way your wallet looks, the way it feels in your hand and how it organizes your cash, your cards, and your identity.

Prefer another color? We have some Fabulous Feng Shui for You.

Turquoise, Rich Royal Blues: Water energy, nourishing our new beginnings so that our ideas and trees will grow – ultimately fuel for the fire.

Blues: Spirituality, nourishing ourselves from the inside out.

Bright Rich Green – Tree energy, new beginnings, ideas, ideas, ideas supporting the fire to ignite!

Purple: Royal Prosperity

Terracotta, Chocolate, Earth Tones: Earth energy, support, strength, comfort and grounding.

Metallic: Metal energy, authority, precision, confident and refined.

Choose the wallet which represents you. Enjoy, Go Forth and Prosper!wallet

LoisKramer-Perez, CHt.  Certified Feng Shui Practitioner & Educator working with people creating healthy abundant lifestyles embracing the feng shui principles for ypur space and your soul. Visit for your free gift. 201.906.5767


Fun With Maria Mirkovich on Family Today

I had so much fun with Maria taping her show “Family Today with Maria Mirkovich”


“Ooooo What A Little Feng Shui Can Do For You”

Find out what a little Feng Shui Can Do For YOU!

I had so much fun chatting with Maria about, Life, Feng Shui and Awareness..

Interview with Maria Mirkovich Family Today –  Thursday May 21, 2015!

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