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free 30 minute meditation

Clear Your Stress 7-8 PM
Monthly Neuro-Transformational Meditation Circle

Online 3rd Thursday Each Month
10/21  Orange Circle 

Weekly Neuro-Transformational Meditation Circle

Every Thursday Morning
Online 10:30-11:30 AM

Upcoming Classes

3rd Thursday of the Month
Sept 17 New Moon Rituals
Oct 15 Orange Meditation
Nov 19 Gratitude Circle
Dec 17 Holiday Joy

Clear Your Stress with
Conversation and Guided
with Lois Kramer-Perez CHt.

You are ready to release stress and take control of the wheel.
You know how awesome it feels to start living with choice rather than reaction. 
What if I told you that you will immediately find relief from the stresses of the environment we live in today?   You are all in with me – right!
Get ready to learn the tools to instantly increase your awareness moving from victim to victor.
Through conversation we explore the triggers and the influences of the environment and people in our lives.
You will learn a new point of view and tools to begin making the shift, clearing the stress of the mind which relaxes the body..
Through breathing, visualization, anchoring and guidance, even the most active minds are surprised to find ease by clearing the self, using these simple personal clearing techniques.The moment we begin changing our patterns through choice, we can respond to events of which we have no control, we begin Living Present Consciously. 
No Meditation Experience Required 
Enjoy a peaceful grounding “shoe-free” experience

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Thursdays Nov 21, Dec 19,  Jan 16,  Feb 20, 7-8 PM  –
Registration Required – Reqister via eventbrite link, meet-up or paypal
307 W 30 St NYC –  questions? contact Lois 201.906.5767

Questions? Contact Lois 201.906.5767

Neuro-Transformational Meditation

No Meditation Experience Required

Join the Circle and become part of a beautiful community of peace and support.
Always lots of laughter included too!

10:30-11:30 AM
Card Readings, Guidance, Crystal Bowl, Clearing Meditations…

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Sunday October 04 at 2:30 PM
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All Feng Shui Classes Are Now Online!

Women’s Guided Clearing Meditation Classes


The Thursday guided clearing meditation classes give you simple tools to use daily helping you create sustainable change….

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