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Who Am I ? The 5 Element Archetype of YOU

The principles of Feng Shui have been around for thousands of years, that tells me there must be something to this! The universal aspect of Feng Shui which appears in all applications, based on the cycles of nature is the 5 element theory. Each element has layers of information: a season, time of day, direction, […]

Let’s Go!

Here is the complete scoop to get you ready for a New Beginning with Chinese Lunar New Year 2/12 Let’s Go! Prior to Chinese New Year’s Day: By February 11, 2021 Chinese New Year’s Eve 1.Clear out and de-clutter making room for new opportunities coming our way. A drawer, a shelf, a room, your wallet/purse, […]

New Year – New You- 2021 Here We Come

Are you ready? Are You Ready for This? 2021 Here We Come! I don’t know about you but come the first of January I am not always ready with my feet planted on the ground to start the new year running. What I have found is I take a lesson from Feng Shui and tap […]

Gratitude and the 3 Legged Frog

May You Receive Infinite Blessings of Love Peace and Joy Today, Tomorrow and Always. Thanksgiving reminds me, why wait for a holiday to be grateful, create the feng shui message to feel it every day. Remember, I have told you that our homes and offices are our living visions boards. Create the vision you want […]

Nourish Your Prana

Sometimes one word, one thought, one breath, can bring big inspiration.
During this time of Autumn Season Energy, “Prana” feels just right.

Prana is defined as the Sanskrit word for lifeforce or vital principle.
Prana contains all the cosmic energies that permeate the Universe every level. 

Clarity is an Inside Job! by Lois Kramer-Perez, C.Ht. Certified NAP,NLP, Feng Shui Pratitioner

It has been quite the experience spending so much time “inside” the past few months. How much are you aware of the “stuff” surrounding you? What designates the quality of your stuff? It is a very personal relationship, this relationship between you and your “stuff”. Do you love it? Does it make you smile, your […]

To Compare or Not To Compare? That is the Question!

✨Is it natural to compare yourself to others 🤨 ? ✨Are you supposed to be like someone one else 🥺? 😍Or be as good as you perceive that person is ? 😍The answer is yes, no, it depends !! . ✨The truth is, you create your reality from the moment you are born. ✨The environment […]