Ready for transformation? All that you need is right there before you. Remember Saturday Night Live skit where the “suave playboy” character would say something like “It is better to look good than to feel good”? Well as silly as it may sound, we can transform our inner essence by purposefully creating and aligning with our outer style.

What we wear affects how we show up in the world. For example, when we want to disappear, we dress to blend into the background which in turn pulls our energy inward, hence; we become invisible.
What if we want to change that decision?
What if we are tired of being invisible but are not comfortable stepping into the center of the spotlight, is there a happy medium?

We can turn to Mother Nature, my mentor – in all her divine wisdom she is always giving us guidance, all we need to do is look around. Feng Shui shows the 5 elements in Nature are speaking to us all the time, these elements in our physical environment are also in our person, a very important part of who we are, our inner voice of expression, the core of our inner essence. Let’s look at how we can tap into these elements to put some cha cha into our chi!

Are you ready to express your free spirit, embrace your flowing essence?
Do your best ideas come from your daydreams?
You are the spirit of Water.
Connect to your inner water with flowing style, handkerchief, asymmetrical and bias cut. Fluid and abstract, printed sheers flow over a solid base.
Colors of rich turquoise, aqua, blues and blackened jewel tones.
Movement is key here, restrictions do not apply!
Feel the flow of the patterns, the colors and style, allowing your creativity to flow with the ease of a stream meandering along a wavy path.
This reflective energy accents with shiny style, mirror palliates, beading and of course fringe to capture the movement and flow.
Allow you spirituality to rise.

Connect to the feeling we love when spring has sprung and we are surrounded by lush green and the blooming flowers!
We are optimistic, feeling renewed and refreshed after a long winter. We are feeling “sporty” “adventurous” ready to go go go.
This is the element of “Tree.”
Tree is the element that has a life of its own.
Colors of bright greens and florals reflect this springtime energy.
Vertical patterns, ribs, columnar and of course natural fibers.
Always practical, this element will choose the right athletic gear when going out on a hike, a run or to the gym. No skimping on style or performance, it must be right to ensure the best results!
Can’t seem to get moving, take a break and go outside, breathe in a fresh spring day and embrace this vibrant energy the Trees are offering!

Feeling a bit bored? Rigid? Serious?
Add a little “Fire” to your life!
Fire is transformational, the one element which takes the tree and creates ash to nourish the earth.
Fun, eclectic and dramatic style will soften up any serious mood. Douse yourself in the brilliance of reds, yellows, orange and fuchsias. Angular shapes, whimsical details, such as feathers, sequins, animal prints, whether separate or combined create fun with an unexpected eclectic statement.
Follow your curiosity, get inspired and tap into the passionate element of Fire.
Not too comfortable in full-fledged drama? A red accent (socks, tie, scarf) a fun spiky shoe or a dash of bright red lipstick, or even orange sneakers will do.

Need some comfort and grounding, connect to the energy of “Earth.”
Nurturing is the number 1 quality of earth, supporting us through life, creating a solid foundation on which we stand.
Earth is sturdy and strong yet comfy and cozy.
Whether your favorite sweater or yummy throw, everything feels better when wrapped in earthy comfort.
We feel safe and grounded embraced with the colors of terracotta, chocolate, ochre, khaki and warm sand.
Comfy and easy dressing, boxy shapes, traditional style and accents of plaids and checks, horizontal patterns and nubby textures support this earthy element.

Feeling scattered, out of control?
Metal is your element of choice.
Metal brings clarity precision and focus.
Clean and refined, less is more.
Elegance is key, from the sound of your voice to the simplicity of your style.
Silk, shimmer, polished and lux are the fabrics of choice as the “feel” is almost more important than the elegance of the style.
These clean refined lines breathe an essence of confidence and control.
The colors are monochromatic, whitened tints of color and of course the accents of diamond, pearl, platinum, gold, silver and refined metals.
Shapes are clean, linear and curved.

We have the ability to enhance or direct our energy to what is best for us on any given day. On a cloudy dark day we may choose to align with the watery element connecting to an inner energy of thinking, planning, writing – “inner doing” or light our fires with bright vibrant colors of fun and light, “shake it up to wake it up”! Find the expression of your inner essence which you resonate and wear it proudly for all the world to see as you shine from the inside out. Live Yo