Who Am I ? The 5 Element Archetype of YOU

The principles of Feng Shui have been around for thousands of years, that tells me there must be something to this! The universal aspect of Feng Shui which appears in all applications, based on the cycles of nature is the 5 element theory.

Each element has layers of information: a season, time of day, direction, family member archetype, color, shape, and characteristic which relates to an expression in human nature.

In my practice, where I “feng shui people” before we address their space, one of the applications I explore is their 5-element archetype.

Using this 5-element archetype system, each person has the potential for 3 elemental influences in their nature based on their year, month and day of birth.  The position of these elements will also have an influence on how the characteristics are expressed. The most powerful aspect of this information is the behavior we express based on our elemental nature. The more we understand what makes us tick, the more we can create a lifestyle that supports us and have a better understanding of the people in our lives, creating more harmonious relationships.

Here are a few examples:

Metal Element– Control, Order, Precision A person who has an aspect of metal energy in their nature will be more comfortable when the situation is under control (usually their control) and their environment is neat and orderly, all things in their proper place.
Refined even further
“6 Metal” energy relates to father’s energy: authority, being in control of everyone and everything
“7 Metal” energy is the most sensitive to the environment, from scents and the feel of fabrics on their skin, to the most important: feeling the energy – walking into a crowded room can be quite uncomfortable as this nature is so sensitive, they can feel everything going on around them.

Understanding the depth of how much this aspect is a part of a person can help them make better decisions on how to operate with their strengths on a daily basis.

Combining the 5-element archetype system with reading the physical aspects of a person, the information about the individual’s make-up becomes even more unique.

Our physical attributes are also connected with the 5 elements, for instance spiky hair and pointy nose adds the fire element.  Shadows under the eyes or a dome forehead adds water element.
These attributes may enhance an already present element or add an element not present in the birth year, month and day.

Feng Shui is brilliant because it is the one thing that ties us all together inside and out – who we are and how we relate to our environment.  As we create an environment where we are most comfortable and supported (based on the nature of the elements we most identify with) we can express ourselves in a productive manner.  We have a way to express our most inherent nature.

We also gain a clear understanding of the people in our lives. As we begin to understand their expressions through the 5 elements, there is no judgment. Knowing people are expressing their true nature allows compassion.

Here is a brief overview of the 5 elements, which do you resonate with?
Take a look around you… does your space reflect your true nature?

1 Water: Dreamers Flowing, Quiet, Dormant as Winter. “Floating”.
Sensual, Wise & Resourceful. Willpower, Courage & Stubborn. Good negotiators, you are flexible & adaptable. Freedom is key, you rebel against structure, and prefer staying up late and sleeping in. Horizontal is your position, especially if it is in the Water!  Ease is your operating mode. Influenced by your emotions you may find yourself expressing as “watery”.  A natural in the arts, writing and daydreaming. Open spaces to spread out feel  good.
Chaise lounges and recliners to get horizontal and put your feet up. Mirrors, glass and water.
Fabrics that flow, irregular wavy fluid lines, the colors of blues and black, signify the energy of water.
Connect: Allow them to Process and Be Creative – They Are Thinkers.

3,4 Tree: Adventurers and Romantics Upward Moving Energy. The Burst of Spring! “Doing”.
Active, Driven, Kind & Optimistic. Independent, Strong, Dynamic Energy. Practical yet risk takers. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! You can become impatient & pushy. Like thunder “3” you are the Adventurer you blow & go. Like a willow “4” you are the wind, Romantic gently moving back & forth. Outdoors is where you want to be. Early morning risers – you open your eyes and it’s go go go. Practicality is key “show me the study”!
Bring life to your inside space incorporating the outside energy of nature.
Wood furniture, rustic architecture, tall vertical pieces, floral and leafy patterns, live plants and flowers.
Colors of bright greens, representing the newness and rebirth in nature signifies the energy of tree.
Connect: Allow them to be Physically Active – They Are Doers.


9 Fire: Inspiring Transforming Outward Peaking Energy of Summer. “Fun”
Curious, Passionate, Charismatic & Self-Driven. Spontaneous, Adventurous & Inspiring.
Fun is the operative word- if it’s not fun you lose interest. People are drawn to your charismatic fun-loving nature. You will lose focus when you are scattered and become like the sparks of a flame.
Bright lights for fun and inspiration.
Angular, pyramid shapes, eclectic style and dramatic ornate style, candles and fireplaces.
Hot colors of red, yellow, orange, fuchsia and animal prints represent the energy of fire.
Connect: Allow them to express dramatically. Engage Their Curiosity – It Must Be Fun!


2,5,8 Earth: Nurturing, Grounding, Settling In. “Nurturers”.
Stable, Loyal and Supportive.  “2″ Nurturer, you nurture everyone. “5” the Manifester you are at the center of it all.“8” The Champion, you have a tough exterior tender inside.
Comfort is key. Caregiving is number one! You may have  a tendency to worry about everything. Enjoy being surrounded by your collectibles items that feel good. Pottery tile and terracotta.
Earth is represented by lower, square, rectangle furniture. Sink happily into overstuffed, comfy, cozy furnishing.
Connect: Allow them to be your Helpers. Safe Cozy environment is their comfort zone.


6,7 Metal: Inward Contracting Energy, Autumn, “Refined” Organized, Focused, Confident and Intuitive. You have an innate esthetic appreciation for fine things. You are not appreciative of criticism.
“6” the Father, the Leader Authority Visionary. “7” Empath, the Youngest Daughter, Joy, Creativity.  You are both very sensitive in your own unique ways – with the energy of people, places and things.
Clean and meticulous environments support focus and direction.
Furniture or accessories made of metal. Round and oval shapes. Stainless steel & monochromatic clean lines.
Metallic colors: gold, bronze, silver, and white as well as clean whitened pastels.
Connect: Allow them to have their personal space -They Feel Everything.

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Let’s Go!

Here is the complete scoop to get you ready for a New Beginning with Chinese Lunar New Year 2/12

Let’s Go!

Prior to Chinese New Year’s Day: By February 11, 2021 Chinese New Year’s Eve

1.Clear out and de-clutter making room for new opportunities coming our way.

A drawer, a shelf, a room, your wallet/purse, every little bit makes room for a lot more.
This includes cleaning up any debt or finishing projects. Do not lend money NY Eve or NY Day.

2.Clean and prepare for a fresh start. Wash your windows and mirrors, wind your clocks, change your lightbulbs.
Check out your front door entrance,  wash the door, make it inviting – it’s time for a new welcome mat!

3.Stock the fridge & cupboards with an abundance of fresh nutritious foods.
Having enough for leftovers after New Year’s Day assures us abundance all throughout the New Year.

A festive colorful fruit bowl connects our intention to abundance as oranges & tangerines represent money & prosperity; apples symbolize good health & safety; pineapples symbolize recognition & promotion. Grapes symbolize success and abundance. Be sure to feast on noodles; uncut they represent long life. Gather the family for a celebratory dinner.

4. Live blooming flowers represent rebirth, new growth, new beginnings. Fortunate plants include: Plum Blossoms, Bamboo, Evergreen Pine, Pussy Willow, Peony and Azalea.

5. Your appearance, actions and attitudes set the tone for the New Year. Prepare to strut your stuff ~ indulge in a manicure, pedicure, massage, new hair style; any activity to set your intention for the year to come.

Prepare your wealth vase as part of your intention to prosper.

On New Year’s Day February 12, 2021

  1. The first words you speak should be sweet and filled with love to ensure each day will be such. No crying or reprimanding children. Do not speak of the past, death, or use negative language.
  2. The first thing you eat should be sweet, (yes ok to brush our teeth first) to ensure we will have only sweetness filling up all days of the New Year.
  3. Wear new clothes; include something red, whether it is seen or unseen – it is still auspicious!
    Don’t wash your hair on New Year’s Day as it is said you will wash your luck away.
  4. As all the preparation has been completed, there are no chores to be done on New Year’s Day to ensure you will not be burdened with hard work this year. You will prosper smooth and easy.
    Laugh, Celebrate, and Enjoy the Day!


~ “Gung Hey Fat Choy” ~

“Wishing You Prosperity & Wealth” or “May Your New Year Be Fortunate”

~My Favorite Wish for All ~

“Wan Shi Ru Yi”  “May Everything Go As You Wish, May Everything Go Smoothly”


feng shui refrigerator
Clarity is an Inside Job! by Lois Kramer-Perez, C.Ht. Certified NAP,NLP, Feng Shui Pratitioner

It has been quite the experience spending so much time “inside” the past few months.
How much are you aware of the “stuff” surrounding you?

What designates the quality of your stuff?
It is a very personal relationship, this relationship between you and your “stuff”.
Do you love it? Does it make you smile, your heart sing? Does it motivate and inspire?

Or is it clutter?
Clutter can the “stuff” that you see that gives you an uneasy feeling.

Or the “stuff” you find yourself stepping over or twisting your body to get around it.

Clutter is the “stuff” that stops you for “doing.”

Guess what…  there is another kind of clutter – the kind that also affects both your mind and body. The “stuff” that you do not see.

Do you find yourself saying “I don’t like this but I don’t notice it anymore,” or “do you walk into a room and don’t understand why you feel distracted or uneasy?

Or – this one happens to me: I am sitting at my desk and I cannot seem to focus, but everything I can see is in its place.

The truth is just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t distracting you.

Even if you do not see it, or decide not to notice it, there is a part inside of you absorbing everything.
Everything is energy. You may be even more sensitive than you realize.

Feng Shui Principles have proven that your closets, drawers, and storage spaces connect to your subconscious.

Begin exploring the places you find yourself visiting every day:

Your underwear drawer, the bathroom cabinet where your toothbrush and cleansers are stored, the silverware drawer, kitchen dish and cup cabinet, the closet you visit daily and ta-daa – the refrigerator!

I just replaced my refrigerator light bulbs and wow – what a difference, it feels so happy when I open the door.

You have heard me say “Create Fabulous Firsts,” that is my number one Feng Shui tip. This tip includes what you see and what your eyes do not see.

So, the next time you are feeling distracted, and it is not obviously in front of you, begin to explore your hidden places.
Spending just 10 minutes organizing your silverware drawer can do wonders.
I know, it certainly works for me!

OOoooo what a little Feng Shui can do for you!
Clear your space and clear your mind. That’s Fabulous Feng Shui.
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To Compare or Not To Compare? That is the Question!

✨Is it natural to compare yourself to others 🤨 ?
✨Are you supposed to be like someone one else 🥺?
😍Or be as good as you perceive that person is ?
😍The answer is yes, no, it depends !!
✨The truth is, you create your reality from the moment you are born.
✨The environment around you influences your decisions in what you believe to be true.
✨The people you love and trust, your peers, the shows you watch, the books you read, the songs you sing.
✨Here’s an idea – when you find you are comparing yourself to others, use this as a fact finding mission.
✨Collect the information and notice what you can learn from that person.
✨What you admire, are they are somewhere you want to be or have something you want to achieve?
✨ Use the information as a tool to make decisions how to achieve your success in your own unique way. Be grateful for the noticing.
✨We talk about this stuff every week at my Thursday Morning Women’s Circle.
💖Want to join us 💖?
We have room for you 🕉🙏🏻💖.https://bit.ly/RegisterWomensCircle

Disappointment or Inspiration? You Choose.

Disappointment or Inspiration?

Have you ever had the excitement of a new adventure and then boom – when it began you found yourself deflated and disappointed?

What did you do?

Did you walk away?

Or did you continue?

Here is my story, it is not a new one, I have played this role before, and each time I learn a little more.

I was asked to perform in a holiday show, yippee! I am all excited to find out what my roles will be, which songs will I sing and will I have a solo???

I receive my assignment; my solo is a rap song – a segment of “Monster”
No! I don’t rap! I don’t know this song.

Inside I felt like a spoiled brat stamping their feet in protest, but I just smiled and hid my disappointment.

Then I realized something, my desire to be in the show, to be part of the production, to be a part of the magic everyone around me was sharing went beyond my own selfish needs.
I decided I would learn that song and perform it with my all!
I arranged a private session with the director/producer to learn how best to perform this rap.
I practiced and practiced and practiced.
I embraced the character and the costume.

I learned that this was the perfect song for me.

I learned to stretch outside of my comfort zone.

I reflected to the other times I was “disappointed” in an assignment, what happened?

I stretched, I grew, I created success.

My message is clear, when disappointment arrives, rejoice!
Because success is just around the bend, and you must take the action to make it happen.

Be grateful for this gift.

A Fortunate Blessing.

That’s Fabulous Feng Shui!

Planets… Take Me Away! Release and Renew with Saturn and Uranus

I just love when I can ride the waves of energy.
Let’s hitch a ride with the planets of Saturn and Uranus, together these planets give us the opportunity to make changes with our divine wisdom.
We have 2 weeks to access this energy so let’s get started!

The best way to be open to create this opportunity is to decide to free oneself from limited and restrictive beliefs and conditions.

Here is one of my favorite releasing methods,
you will need:

a quiet space, a candle,
a crystal – I recommend Tiger Eye as this crystal activates our “proper power” for our greatest good, 
Kwan Yin, Buddha or your favorite  spiritual guide photo or statue
 a selenite wand

If you do not own any crystals, use your favorite gemstone for the tiger eye and use your imagination for the selenite wand – just imagine waving a “magic wand” for that portion of the exercise.

Find a place where you can be quiet and comfortable.
Create a sacred space, light a candle, place your tiger eye crystal before you.

Focus on the candles and the tiger eye crystal
allow the things, emotions, patterns and beliefs which you have decided no longer serve you
which you are ready to let go.

Release the ties to the past.  Kwan Yin, our Goddess of Mercy, is with you to assist

Once you are comfortable with what you choose to release, write it down:
“I am ready and willing to let go of………………….”

Speak the words you have written down on your paper.

Speaking out the words gives your intention more power and makes it more real.

If you are not inclined to speak the words, then speak with just the vibration in your throat…

Use the Selenite Wand to Clear those choices from your body mind and spirit by waving it across your body as you do –

Close your eyes and visualize everything you are releasing,

A fine mist is rising from your essence like a cloud moving up into the sun 

Feel the light of the sun clear the mist… refining with the energy of metal

End with a Cleansing Prayer:

“I have cleared all energy related to my desires to release emotions, patterns and beliefs which no longer serve me across all planes of existence, across all universes and across all lifetimes for my greatest good beyond my knowing. “ I Am Light”

Questions? I’d love to hear from you, lois@loiskramerperez.com

Sunshine and the Rainy Day Jar

Its a beautiful day to capture the sunshine in my “rainy day jar”.  I don’t know about you, but when there are too many long grey days, I find my chi (energy) evaporating. I created this “rainy day jar” to lift my chi with laughter sunshine sparkle and all things that activate happy!

The sun has come out after many grey days, so I wanted to honor my inner light and charge up this jar with sunshine and crystal chi.

Today I added some sparkling faceted crystals and amazing amethyst

to my shells, gumby and rainbow troll.

I am reminded on this glorious sunny days to pay attention to all things which lift me.

As I find these things along the way, I add them to the jar to brighten my day.

Here is my guide to create your own “Rainy Day Jar”

Find a glass jar or bowl which you love. I have been scouring antique shops for crystal candy dishes.

Look around and see what you have that lifts you up:
Sea shells, sand, crystals, photos of people, places or things.
You can think of this as a “vision jar” by placing your dreams in the jar.
Cotton balls for fluffy clouds, cut out a smiling sun 
Words of Inspiration
Use your imagination.

Place the items in the jar, smiling and feeling the uplifting joy as you do.
Remember a story connected with each item as you touch it.
Experience your feelings with joy.

Place the jar where you can see it everyday, reminding you of the joy in your life.
Inspiring you to add more joy to the jar as you feel it.

Now that’s Fabulous Feng Shui!

I would love to hear your inspirations for your “Rainy Day Jar”


Super Moon Ceremony by Lois Kramer-Perez, Cht.

Ride the magic of the super moon with this fabulous manifesting ceremony.

You will need: 1 candle, 1 pen, paper and 1 envelope. Choose a colorful envelope which you resonate.

  1. Prior to beginning, select a favorite place where you daydream, relax, feel fabulous.
    To clear the area, take 3 deep breaths, yawn and feel the energy becoming pure.
    If you have a set of tingsha bells: ring them, or a metal bowl: play it, a pendulum: swing it.
    Use any tool you naturally connect with to create your sacred space.
    2. Light your candle and place your pen, paper and envelope before you.
    Get into a comfortable position.
    Choose the dream you want to manifest in 2018. Anything at all, let all logic fly away.
    3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow your 3rd Eye to open.
    Your 3rd Eye is your 6th Chakra located in the center of your forehead.
    You may notice a beautiful indigo jewel sparkling. Or ..
    You may notice a sense of your wisdom and knowing coming forth.
    Take a few more breaths and feel the power of your knowing.
    4. Now ask your 3rd Eye to show you how your dream appears as it is unfolding.
    Let your imagination open free.Enjoy the experience.
    Let yourself be surprised by what you have created!
    Revel in this experience, become familiar with the way it is unfolding:Where you are, what feeling you sense, the climate, the colors, the sounds, the smells.
    Enjoy it!
    5. Take your paper and pen, begin to describe what you have experienced.
    Describe everything that will connect you to this experience.
    How YOU describe it is your personal connection.
    A word, a color, the environment, the climate, the sounds, the smells, possibly other people around you.
    6. Take your paper and place it in the envelope.
    Place the envelope in one of these areas based on what you desire to manifest:
    North: Career
    North East: Spirituality
    East: Family, Community
    South East: Prosperity
    South: Recognition
    South West: Relationship
    West: Creativity
    North West: Authority
    Select the location where you will see the envelope every day.
    Choose a room you spend the most time and locate the direction for the sector you choose to enhance.
    Connect the location more specific, examples: romantic relationship: your bedroom, career: your office.
    7. Now go back to your original position and focus on the candle. As you blow out the candle, feel the power within you creating a clear path for your destination to manifest your dreams.

Each time you see this envelope, you will feel the magic of manifestation.
Become familiar with the feelings of success!
Allow these feelings to expand and create the most magnificent you which you are destined to be.

You are the driver of your destiny.
I’d Love To Hear From You! Lois@loiskramerperez.com

Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt. 2017 ©


Can’t Stop Laughin” ~ Oh What A Feeling!

When was the last time you realized something so silly… you couldn’t stop laughing?

This happens quite a bit, however this last one is a doozy!
I loved it so much I placed it in my Rainy Day Jar… I added the word “Feat”
rainy day jar
Listening to lots of music on my recent road trip ~ I noticed  many artists are now collaborating together..
One group caught my attention as they seemed to appear with a variety of artists..
They showed up again while listening to Keith Urban “the Fighter.” Collaborating with Keith Urban was Feat and Kelly Clarkson..
Here they are again.. “Feat”! I asked my cousin.. who is this band “Feat” ?
They are turning up everywhere… with Sia and now Keith Urban!
I need to know who they are!
My cousin smiled and said.. “that is not a band, it means “featuring” it is Keith Urban “featuring” Kelly Clarkson!
Ha! How obvious! How did I not get that? Wow! I couldn’t stop laughing… and every time I think about it.. I laugh even more ! Oy! such a feeling! I love it…
Now that’s Fabulous Feng Shui Fire Energy!
Feng Shui Fire Energy is Fun ~ Fabulous and Dramatic… Which is why I was so struck by the silliness of my discovery.  We can use these connections to keep us flexible and open to experience the magic around us.
What is the most obvious thing you learned that made you laugh? that is still making you laugh? I’d love to hear it!
Which brings me to my pal Justin Timberlake singing!
Embrace the Feeling! Dance Dance Dance – Can You Feel The Fun Emerging!


Time To Sparkle and Shine

Time to sparkle and shine, and in the words of my friend Tim McGraw “always be humble and kind.”
Now is the time to sparkle and shine… we don’t need to wait for a special occasion, a new moon or a birthday. Every day is an opportunity to connect with the magic of the universe.
First, we must be open. When we let go of self-imposed limits then the magic really begins.
It’s always out there – ready to land, but if the landing strip is closed, it will circle around until it finds a clear path.
Here is my recent story, the synchronicity that continued validated I was supposed to be where I ended up!
3 months ago, I had planned a trip beginning in North Carolina, then to Nashville ending in Cleveland Ohio area before heading home. The Nashville portion was to teach a class in part of a 5day program. Easy! It was the same class I was teaching in North Carolina, and the program began the day after the 3 day NC retreat ended ~ sweet. Fast forward to the end of September – The facilitator of the 5 day program decided not proceed. I did not change my plans, I knew something fabulous awaited! As I was driving to NC I spoke with a friend of mine who had just decided to hop a plane to Durham – exactly where I was headed for my first stop. She invited me to spend 4 days with her at her friends Lake House! The perfect place to be after my retreat before my drive to Ohio. Lot’s of fun conversation and synchronicities followed. This would not have been possible if I was not open to see what was going to show up.
The next time your plans do not turn out as you expect, be open for magic and miracles to appear. Give yourself some breathing room to allow. Look for the sparkle and shine! And in the words of my driving companion Tim McGraw…”Always Be Humble and Kind”