Creating A Garden That’s Perfect For You

Translated literally, Feng Shui means Wind Water. Wind represents the energy we cannot see but can feel. “Water represents the energy in our physical spaces we can see.

Feng Shui is based on the principles of the cycles of nature using the 5 elements, helping us to create balance in our lives as we connect with our environment. A garden is the perfect way to do this, as we embrace nature.

The 5 elements are around us all the time, influencing us through the seasons, weather, colors, shapes and even our behavior. The 5 elements referred to in Feng Shui are Water, Tree, Fire, Earth and Metal.

I am sure you have noticed that when spring arrives, we become energized, are excited to witness all the green sprouting up from the earth. We want to get outside, start doingthings, and “spring cleaning” to embrace the new beginnings before us, this is the influence of the “Tree” element. Traditionally this element is known as “Wood”, but I prefer to refer to it as “Tree” because this element is alive with the energy of early morning, plants & trees. The colors are shades of bright greens & the supporting shapes of tall vertical columns. Accents of stripes, florals, planters and logs connect us to the practical active energy of Tree.

Following the spring season is Summer! Summer is full of fun & excitement – the element of Fire! Bright spirited colors of red, fuchsia, yellow & orange support playfulness & passions.  Whimsical accents & sparkling lights and  angular shapes as flames support this spirited element.  Fire brings us clarity, illumination &transformation. It is the time of high noon, when all is at its peak.

After all the fun of the summer, we slow down and take time to pause, feeling that settling energy of earth. The same energy we notice around 3:00 pm, when we just pause, yet the day has not ended. Earth energy is supportive, nurturing & comfort.Colors depicting earth range from pale ivories, warm golds, terracotta to warm chocolatebrowns.  Supportive shapes of rectangles and squares using brick and tile, along withcomfy cozy overstuffed seating depict the element earth.

Autumn brings us the energy of Metal, when all is contracting and coming tocompletion, the time of early evening at the end of the day. Metal is the element ofrefinement, focus and control. Clean precise lines, stones and dome shapes and the metallic colors of silver, bronze and gold as well as clean white depict the element ofmetal.

Once all is complete, it is time to begin the cycle again, the time of stillness & reflectionbrings us to the season of winter & time of midnight, the element of Water. Irregular shapes with curves and paths which meander and flow depict the element of Water. The colors of turquoise, deep blues and black support the energy of water, allowing us to be free to go with the flow, adapt and “just be.”

Have you noticed how each element supports the next? Water feeds the trees so they may grow. Trees fuel the fire so it may flourish. The ash from the fire nourishes the earth. The minerals in the earth create the metal. As the metal contracts to its liquid state it creates water… and so we begin again.

As we align with these elements, we become more in the flow, supporting us to be less distracted, create less stress and enjoy this season of springtime.

The Feng Shui Garden is aligned with Nature

Logic Prevails
Items placed in the garden should support the balance of nature, plants & trees should be inherent to the area, only plant those which do naturally belong.
Allow plants and trees to grow naturally, only use stakes for support.
A Feng Shui Garden takes heed of changing seasons.

A Feng Shui Garden Gives Pleasure.

Feng Shui Form
Create the “armchair form” it should feel as if the garden is being embraced & protected.
Create the support behind the garden with trees, shrubs or fence, extending around the sides.
Paths should be curved, keep the edges soft and fluid.

Create the Garden That Represents You
Always Remember
Has the Highest Vibration
Everything in Your Garden
After All ~ It’s All About You!

Fly Like A 3 ~ Soar Like A 4
Tree with SunshineFly like a “3” 
It’s early morning, the burst of spring.
Awakened, I am sprouting wings.
Filled with ideas as high as the sky.
So much excitement I feel I can fly!
Soar like a “4”
Propelled by the wind I begin to soar.
Moving faster, effortless.
I want more!

The principles of Feng Shui connect us to the power of Mother Nature. As we review the 5 elements in nature, Feng Shui provides information to assist us connecting with the benefits of each element. Let’s take a look at the element “Tree,” in all its glory, alive, breathing and contributing life for all living things. The energy associated with “Tree” is uprising, early morning, the time of new beginnings.

We associate the numbers “3” and “4” with these energies of Spring.
“3” the boom of thunder! Fast! “4” the wind, gliding faster.
The colors are the bright green of the leaves, the shapes are tall and vertical. Connecting to this element, we feel motivated to move! We are filled with new ideas and excited about the actions we are ready to take. If we find ourselves feeling stuck, what better way to get motivated than to get outside and walk among the Trees. Bringing the energy of Tree inside our homes and office space, we bring life!

Here are some wonderful suggestions for adding this living, healing, motivating energy.

Plants That Keep Us Healthy

Peace Lily Removes chemical vapors, including acetone, alcohol trichloroethylene, benzene, formaldehyde & ammonia. Neutralizes effects of EMF, good to keep near computers.
Semi-sun to semi-shade. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Snake Plant Removes toxins in rooms where no other plants will grow, from photocopier & printers. Good for rooms that do not have ventilation such as windowless rooms and tightly sealed offices. Semi-sun to shade.

Rubber Plant A great humidifier, removes indoor chemicals particularly formaldehyde.
Semi-sun to semi shade, will tolerate dim light and cool temperatures.

Janet Craig Dracaena deremensis This Tree is one of my new favorites! Great for corners!
Places fifth on NASA’s ranking with a 7.8 score. According to data it can remove Formaldehyde, at a rate of 1,328 micrograms per hour. It also removes Xylene, at a rate of 154 micrograms per hour according to Water completely through early spring through the winter season and allow the plant’s soil to dry out in between watering

Bamboo Palm Adds moisture to indoor air, especially during use of heat in winter months.
Removes chemical vapors trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde.
Low light

English Ivy Filters indoor airborne pollutants such as fecal particles, formaldehyde aerosols.
Poisonous – keep away from pets & children.
Likes bright sun but not under direct light.


Exercises for The Spirit In Your Daily Life

It’s the beginning of another new year, we have set our goals, and here we are, already into our second month of the year, February. It’s time to check in to see what is going on. As important as it is to exercise our physical bodies we must also exercise our minds and spiritual bodies. As I have traveled on my journey, I have found that we are so powerful beyond our imagination when we tap into our core, connect to our strengths, our inspiration, when we become centered and without distraction.

We can incorporate some basic techniques into our daily life, to help us connect to our experiences in a different way, to help us stay focused, open our awareness and reduce distraction. Our environment plays a part in our daily experience, so we want to purposefully create the environment that supports us. There is nothing better than the feeling of ahhhh, when we enter our homes. We can feel our bodies go into a relaxed state, our muscles soften, we can breathe. This becomes a pattern we want to create. Before we even enter our home, our bodies will know to get ready. It becomes almost automatic, this feeling of comfort, security, & peace, “I am home.” If we have a different experience as we enter our homes, then take a look around to see messages we are getting. Are we feeling annoyed? Could it be we are frustrated because we trip over shoes, books or assorted items when walking through the door? Or, do we notice we feel exhausted as we enter through the mud room and see all the laundry piled up or the garbage & recycles that are waiting to be taken out.

When we change the things which we have control, we are supported, focused and less distracted. We are able to respond to the events which we have no control, rather than getting lost in those feelings by going into reaction and becoming distracted.

Focus on creating an effortless experience when entering your home. Start with specific things such as, the door opening easily and a clear path to enter. Coming in through the garage, or mud room, first focus on the area you will see as you enter to create that effortless experience, and then you will find, little by little you can start to transform the rest of the space to be more supportive, less distracting. This is the beginning of tapping into your awareness of the experiences of your daily activities.

We want to create support for ourselves at a subconscious level, but first we must become aware of the influences around us in our conscious level.

Here are a few exercises to help you begin.

  1. Wake Up and Expand Your Energy: Before you get out of bed take a moment, breathe, and expand your energy through your body. Set the tone, the vibration, for what you will attract. Take a deep breath, smile and stretch, filling your body with vibrant energy.
  1. Notice “Firsts”: What is the first thing you see when you wake up each morning, the first thing you see sitting at your desk, the first thing you see when you come into your home. How do feel? Create an environment to support you in all aspects – Mind-Body-Spirit. Create your “Fabulous Firsts.
  1. Notice “Feelings”: Be mindful to notice your feelings, recognize what they are, do not get lost in them. As you notice a feeling, an emotion, especially if there is a strong physical sensation attached it, look at it differently: notice it as information that your body is receiving.
  1. Do Not take it Personally! It is not about you!  Once you become Aware of the feelings, you will begin to change your relationship with them. Embrace all of what you feel, and begin a new relationship with these feelings to help you move from distraction to awareness.
  1. As you change your relationship with feelings, you begin to Create a different way to be. Others around will begin to change their relationship as well.
  1. Accept yourself for who you are. Be yourself on purpose. Practice letting go of judgment. Once you let go of judging yourself, you will begin to let go of judging others. Rejoice & be grateful for your perfect you.
  1. Use the exercises that which you resonate, to help strengthen your “feeling  muscle”. Find an activity that brings you to a quiet, focused, centered state. Some examples: Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Spinning, Walking, Journaling, Daydreaming, Ironing, it is up to you, anything from physical exercise or just sitting quietly and focusing on your breath.

A Lifestyle That Is All About You

Translated literally, Feng Shui means Wind Water. Wind represents the energy we cannot see but can feel. “Water represents the energy in our physical spaces we can see.

Feng Shui is based on principles that have transcended various cultures for over four thousand years empowering people to facilitate changes in their lives. These principles are based on the cycles of nature. As with tai chi, chi gong, traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture, they all have one thing in common – Attaining Balance.  Feng Shui helps us create balance in our lives as we connect to our environment. Feng Shui is a lifestyle, supporting us to shift and change as we evolve and grow.

What is happening in our lives is reflected in our space, so what better way to make sustainable changes in our lives than to have our intention set in our physical space creating anchors and support to help us make it happen.

Feng Shui is all about the person: yes, it is all about YOU! Feng Shui is a very practical tool for us to begin to understand who we are, what makes us tick and to celebrate ourselves in all our perfection. Feng Shui can help us begin to let go of judging ourselves.

Whenever we begin to let go of things, whether in our mind or in our space, it gives us an opening for new beginnings, ideas and opportunities to come into our life.  Managing our “stuff” which some may refer to as “clutter” is a very cool tool to help create that opening. First and foremost we must begin to notice how we feel, and what is happening when we recognize these feelings.

There are basic principles that Feng Shui offers us to create our sense of balance and eliminate distraction, allowing us to be clear, focused and productive. When we tap into these concepts, we can begin building a solid foundation to open our awareness and begin to operate in a more positive and abundant way. Here are just a few tips to get you started.

Always Have Your Back Supported

We always want to have our backs supported with a clear view of an entrance. Sitting at our desks we should have a clear view of the doorway.      Ideally, sitting with our back to a solid wall, in a high back chair we feel safe and supported. If our back is to an open door, our central nervous  system is not supported, we can become distracted feeling something is coming and we are not able to see it.

With our back visible to the world  we may be giving the impression we are not available, or open to new opportunities.

 Support for Sleeping

Getting a good night’s sleep is key for vibrant health. Sleeping in a bed with a solid headboard, placed with a wall behind us and an easy view of  the door makes us feel safe and secure. Create a lovely sanctuary in your bedroom, minimize electronics, work-related items & chaos.

 Firsts Always Fabulous

What we see is what we become, so let us be mindful of what we see and how that makes us feel.  The first thing we see when we open our eyes in the morning sets our tone for the day. When we enter our home, and how we enter our home should feel nurturing and uplifting. Sitting at our desks, we should feel productive and inspired.

Revel in Romance

When looking for a new relationship or to ignite a current relationship, take note of what our space is saying. Is there room for another, to sit, to put their personal items, to sleep? Create a sense of “Two”, a place that is welcoming for the ideal relationship for you.

Love Everything In Your Space

You are the judge of what is good for you: if it feels good,it is good. Learn to trust your inner compass. Eliminate the items that are no longer serving you. As you remove items in your space that are creating obstacles, you will open up your awareness for the new opportunities awaiting you. As you begin to make changes in your space you begin to make changes in your life.

Fabulous Feng Shui for Your Holiday

Here we are amidst the holiday season once again. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all, we can find ourselves moving so quickly, we are not even aware of what is happening that we may miss the joy connecting to the moments, what can one do?

Feng Shui principles create support in our life, wonderful tools to help us stay organized and grounded so that we may enjoy this festive fast-paced time of year.
Here are a few Feng Shui tips to get you started:

Your Front Door:

  • Do you use it? Make sure it is easy to open.
  • Make it inviting. Add some color and sparkle and light.

In many cases our front door is our face to the world, a metaphor for how we are moving along in our life journey so create a joyous welcoming experience.

Create Your Fabulous First:

  • The first thing you see upon entering must be Fabulous!
  • Create ample space around furniture and objects

Movement should be effortless throughout your home, meandering as if you are a stream of water flowing easily from room to room with ample space around furniture and objects. We are coming into the season of winter, the element of water, the energy of adaptability & flow, it is a perfect time to dream of our hearts desires and make plans for the coming New Year. Connecting to the feelings of our thoughts and dreams, we find we can make it so!

Energize with Life!

  • Your space comes alive with greenery
  • String little strands of lights through your plants and trees

Plants, flowers and trees bring life into our space, we use them to remind us how blessed we are to be alive. Embrace the sense of unconditional giving, how good it feels to show kindness to others. That which we give away with compassion, without expectation, is what we reap 1,000 times over. The energy of life brings forth an enthusiasm to do, nourishing our ideas, supporting our ability to go-go-go!

Let there be light!

  • If you have a fireplace, use it
  • Light your candles, even battery operated ones to create shimmers of light
  • Decorate with objects that bring you joy and sparkle

Tis the season of parties and celebrations, filling our spirits with joy and excitement. Keep your fires burning from within, by surrounding yourself with items that create a sparkling festive mood. Choose the method that works for you, decorating with objects which bring you feelings of joy, or donning your holiday gear. A sense of whimsy is always welcome here to help us when we find ourselves too serious. Be spontaneous! Laugh, dance and sing!

Grounding Comfort:

  • Use comfy pillows and snugly warm throws
  • Square shapes and earth tones
  • Cinnamon scents in the kitchen, lavender in the bedroom

Earthy comfort helps us remain grounded and bring life into our space. Create your personal space to feel cozy, warm and nurtured.

Refine and Define:

  • Designate an area for holiday items
  • Take 15 minutes a day to maintain organization

Refine yourself; define yourself; the energy of metal can help us with focus. If you find yourself too scattered from all the activities and excitement taking place, or feeling all over the place like a spilled glass of water, take some time to create a sense of order and control. Stop for a moment to take a breath, allow yourself 15 min to begin to organize your space. Designate an area for gifts, holiday items and other paraphernalia that seems to be cropping up all over. The more time we spend shopping, visiting, celebrating, the less time we have to keep things in their natural order, and for some of us this can be very daunting & distracting.
Choose the space where you can tolerate the temporary chaos and enjoy it!

The most important tip of all is feel the LOVE. LOVE everything in your space, if it feels good – then it is perfect for you.

Fire and Waves…

Elemental Expressions Movement – Opposites Unite
I See Fire, I See Waves…
The swirl of the blue jewels of water
The vibrant flames of fire

fire and waves

You Can Be the Magic


Sitting and dreaming and hoping is not going to make it happen if we do not get involved in the process.
Expect the unexpected, Participate in the process.


Look Inside and Breathe…

“He who looks Outside…dreams, He who looks Inside Awakes”
~ C.G. Jung

Begin with your dream, breathe into your essence, awaken…

solo buddha head in Quy Nohn







Unleash Your Inner Child

When we connect to our inner child, we are unlimited.
Our inner essence shines so bright, there can be no other option!

Take a lesson from this brilliant child!