Time To Sparkle and Shine

Time to sparkle and shine, and in the words of my friend Tim McGraw “always be humble and kind.”
Now is the time to sparkle and shine… we don’t need to wait for a special occasion, a new moon or a birthday. Every day is an opportunity to connect with the magic of the universe.
First, we must be open. When we let go of self-imposed limits then the magic really begins.
It’s always out there – ready to land, but if the landing strip is closed, it will circle around until it finds a clear path.
Here is my recent story, the synchronicity that continued validated I was supposed to be where I ended up!
3 months ago, I had planned a trip beginning in North Carolina, then to Nashville ending in Cleveland Ohio area before heading home. The Nashville portion was to teach a class in part of a 5day program. Easy! It was the same class I was teaching in North Carolina, and the program began the day after the 3 day NC retreat ended ~ sweet. Fast forward to the end of September – The facilitator of the 5 day program decided not proceed. I did not change my plans, I knew something fabulous awaited! As I was driving to NC I spoke with a friend of mine who had just decided to hop a plane to Durham – exactly where I was headed for my first stop. She invited me to spend 4 days with her at her friends Lake House! The perfect place to be after my retreat before my drive to Ohio. Lot’s of fun conversation and synchronicities followed. This would not have been possible if I was not open to see what was going to show up.
The next time your plans do not turn out as you expect, be open for magic and miracles to appear. Give yourself some breathing room to allow. Look for the sparkle and shine! And in the words of my driving companion Tim McGraw…”Always Be Humble and Kind”