Sometimes We Just Need Some Happy


Sometimes we just need some happy, no reason, no rational explanation required.
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Embrace All Which You Can Become

“When I Let go of what I am I become what I might be..” ~ Lao Tzu
Can You?


Getting to the Part of the Matter, Partnering with your Subconscious

My journey for healing has brought me to places I have never imagined, taught me things I had no idea would be so integral in my life. I think back to where I was a few years ago and notice where I am today, excited about where I may be going next.

My journey began with Reiki, Universal Energy, learning the method of moving energy through my body, allowing me to be in the moment, one moment at a time. Next stop: Feng Shui, connecting to the energy of my environment and noticing the impact on my body, from the inside out. Learning how we can create the experience we choose in our space, allowing our subconscious to connect to the thoughts, the feelings we desire, understanding the messages our subconscious is sending us based on the experience, the patterns we create.

Moving on to dowsing, collecting information by connecting energetically to the environment, to people, using specific method and intention.  Learning about changing our relationship to thoughts and feelings, learning it is possible to change patterns, whether lifelong or new.

All of these modalities creating my method, to partner with the subconscious.  Developing my guided clearing meditation sessions, I find I incorporate all of these tools, providing simple methods all can use to begin opening their awareness. When I refer to how Feng Shui can help us change our patterns, I say, “you can set your space and then forget it, because your subconscious will get the message before you are even consciously aware.” How cool is that! Connecting directly to your subconscious – yes, we have a direct line! But sometimes we need some extra support to help let go of old patterns that are creating behaviors we choose to change; it is helpful when we can go directly to the inception of that pattern. Next stop: Parts Therapy, simply stated this is a method of hypnosis that speaks to the part of the person that is sustaining a behavior they would like to change. We are made up of many many parts, each part has a job it that it does for us. There is a part that makes us happy, a part that makes us sad, a part that helps us learn, a part that motivates us, a part that makes us curious, and so on, and so on. Our subconscious does not decide to do something because it is right or wrong, it only follows direction based on patterns that have been created. Sometimes there is a behavior created when we have a traumatic or  impactful experience, the subconscious shows up to see what job it can do serve us. It may express in ways that do not always serve us well for long-term; such as keeping us from driving on a highway after an accident.  When we consciously decide we want to change a pattern, a habit, a behavior, a part of ourselves, Parts Therapy is the perfect method to get us there.  We can give that “part” new directions, new tasks to do to replace the job it is currently doing. Imagine having a direct line to your subconscious to support your desired changes. The beauty of this method is the person receiving the parts therapy is in control of the process. The client chooses the specific “part” they would like to change, the client decides the new “jobs” they would like to assign to this “part” to replace the current job, the therapist is there to guide. This form of therapy is very successful for creating change in behaviors: clearing phobias such as driving, flying, elevators and public speaking or performance enhancement for sports, test taking, and changing habits such as eating behaviors, smoking cessation, nail biting, and releasing anxieties, to name a few.  If there is a part that seeks desired to change, including enhancements to the quality of life such as healthy life styles, focus and clarity, this is the method. The results can be seen in a relatively short amount of time, depending on the issue.

If you find that you are interested to know if Parts Therapy can help you become partners with your subconscious, I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, as I always advise, create your fabulous firsts: the first thing you see when you wake in the morning, the first thing you see when you enter your home, the first thing you see sitting at your desk or sitting in your favorite chair should be things that create the feelings that you desire. The perfect way to get started, partnering with your subconscious.

Experience the Joys of the Rain

Enjoy the pitter patter of the rain,  smile as you take 2 deep breaths and you are ready for everything as you take a 30 second vacation™  with Lois



Stretch Like A Cat

Have you ever had one of those days when you seem to lose time, such as getting in your car and then ending up at your destination, not even aware of how you got there?

We usually do not notice we are running on auto-pilot until something wakes us up.
We want to embrace all of our experiences, be present, so that we are available to embrace all opportunities before us.

What are we to do?

We can mindfully choose to redirect our attention on a regular basis, by becoming aware of our body, noticing how it feels. We will then be more aware when our shoulders seem to be moving up into our ears or when our jaw begins to clench.  

Here are a few tips:

-Set your intention for your day, before you get out of bed – Stretch like a cat ~ take a few deep breaths, smile and connect with your intention.

-Notice how your body feels, set a parameter for noticing how it feels when you are relaxed, focused and clear, so you can redirect your attention once you notice a physical change.

-Take at least two deep breaths every hour, or after you complete a task, a series of phone calls or if you notice your body tensing  –  focus on 2 breaths and just feel it.

-If you are sitting for long periods of time, get up and stretch like a cat every hour or so, and march in place for 20 steps swinging your arms, if possible.

-Drink lots of fresh pure water, this will keep you hydrated and nudge you to get up every so often. 

-take a 30 second vacation with me ~ I created these videos to help you with these moments..

-Smile as you breathe, your cells will smile right back.. ahhh

I would love to hear how this is working for you, contact me at

Take a 30 Second Vacation™ with Lois

Enjoy the surprises Mother Nature provides..




Engage Your Curiosity, Transform
Engage your curiosity to find inspiration
Feel your passions expanding your energy
Connect to your “fire” element as you
become inspired,
inspire others 
and transform.
Be Curious Be Awe Struck
Aligning with the Stars – Bonus Boosters for 2014


Aligning with the Stars of 2014
Bonus Boosters for 2014
Lets align with the energy of 2014 so we can make the most of our opportunities!
South: Prosperity – Spend Time Here! Energize this area with movement such as a pendulum clock, kinetic sculpture, music, however; the best movement of all is activity! If front door is in the South be sure to use it. Open the windows, let the fresh air circulate. Add earth elements with firey colors, glazed pottery, porcelain, terracotta. Earth Crystals enhance this area: citrine, yellow calcite, yellow quartz. A cinnabar egg, 8 metal coins on a red string enhance wealth. Hanging a faceted crystal will activate the auspicious energy. Fire element colors or shapes support the earth element of the 8 star of wealth.
North: Future Prosperity:   Also known as the “Multiplying Completion” as is creates more of whatever comes in contact.  Activating this area sets up prosperity for career and business. A good area to study or if a bedroom is in the north, a good area to enhance relationships & romance. Fresh flowers, healthy green plants energize this fortunate area of the home. 9 amethyst crystals and a coral gem tree are good activators.
SouthWest: Relationship:  Use metal to drain the earth allowing the water to generate prosperity and good fortune. A brass wu lu (hour glass shape metal vase) or any round spherical metal objects will contain the earth so it will not overcome the benefits of the water. 10 coins on a red string symbolize creating water. Irregular shapes and colors of water such as black, rich deep blues stimulate the water energy. Avoid wood shapes ( vertical ) and green wood colors. Wood will soak up the water.  
West: Heaven: The 6 Heaven star bringswealth and success in career. Activate the Metal Element with round shapes, smooth lead glass crystal ball, metal objects such as 6 smooth coins or round crystals in a bowl.
The Center:Romance and Wisdom: Everything that happens in the Center affects the whole. Keep this area clean and clear of clutter and obstacles.  Enhance the Wood Element with vibrant flowers in colors of blues, green, and lush green plants. Clean fresh water is important in vases with bamboo or fresh flowers. Avoid metal shapes, colors, objects, as metal can whittle the wood. Avoid fire elements, colors red, orange etc, candles, as this will reduce the auspicious wood energy.
This area is beneficial for study, for writers, film producers, entertainment industry.
Quiet the Energy
South  2 “The Grand Duke” shares 15° of this sector here this year. (172.5° to 187.5°)
Keep that area quiet, no construction if possible. Try not to face that direction. It is said that it’s best to sit with your back to this 15° area to gain full support of the “Grand Duke.”
NorthEast : Use of Water Element drains the metal, Still Water with 6 coins and as accents of colors blue and black. A Blue Rhinoceros is a fierce Water icon. Front door in the NE, service or install security and smoke alarm systems. Kitchen in the NE, check the fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are active. Office is in the NE, be sure to read all contracts carefully, especially the fine print. Do not take anything for granted.  Avoid adding Metal and Earth Elements to this area.
NorthWest: . A Brass “Wu Lou” “Calabash” or hour glass shape item will contain the unstable 5 earth. 6 coins on a red string, and use of Metal Elements additionally contain the earth. Avoid adding Fire Elements to this area such as bright lights, candles, and fiery shapes and colors.
SouthEast:  To avoid arguments in this area, add the Fire Element such as candles, bright sparkley lights, triangular shapes and colors or red, orange and fuchsia. Best not to activate or nourish the wood, therefore; avoid metal which destroys the wood energy and avoid water whether virtual or elemental as water enhances the wood.
East: A Brass “Wu Lou” “Calabash” or hour glass shape item will contain the unstable 2 earth. 6 coins on a red string, and use of Metal Elements additionally contain the earth.
Do Your Thing!

Frank Sinatra sang “I Did It My Way” in the 60’s… today Estelle sings “Do My Thing”

I love the music, the beat and the message – this song “Do My Thing” has inspired this week’s “weekly words”Be sure to scroll down at the end of the message to play the music video! 

It is so important to connect to our unique inner essence.

Understanding who we are deep inside is key.  It is so liberating once we begin to  embrace our total being, without judgement, without fear.
We then express who we are by just being,  so effortlessly and  easily in our power.

It is a natural path to create patterns in our being and expressions, based on what we have learned and the influences in our lives.  

How many times have we tried to adjust our rhythm, our dance, our song, so that we may “fit in” with our own expectations of what we perceive we “should be” ?

We have the ability to change our patterns. But first we must be aware. 

Feng Shui has taught me to embrace my inner essence. I have learned various tools that brought awareness to things about myself which I thought were  “faults” are actually  “gifts” .. what a relief!  

Tomorrow during our weekly guided clearing meditation, we will connect to our essence,  and smile as we embrace who we are inside as we expand our energy to the collective.

Information is power.. 2 of the tools I use to help us understand our essence are  Chinese Animal Archetypes, and  5 Element Astrology –  as Chinese New Year is Jan 31, now is the time to get ready! It is my pleasure to share my knowledge with you.  

You want to “Do Your Thing” with purpose-

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 Maximize your opportunities in the 2014 –
The Year of the Wood Horse

Celebrate with  Lois’ Guided meditation and Linda’s Sound Healing – Plus  great tips to prepare for Jan 31, capturing the “bonus” energy the universe is offering.
Receive information on your Chinese Animal Archetype.
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Here is Estelle’s “Do Your Thing”