Let’s Go!

Here is the complete scoop to get you ready for a New Beginning with Chinese Lunar New Year 2/12

Let’s Go!

Prior to Chinese New Year’s Day: By February 11, 2021 Chinese New Year’s Eve

1.Clear out and de-clutter making room for new opportunities coming our way.

A drawer, a shelf, a room, your wallet/purse, every little bit makes room for a lot more.
This includes cleaning up any debt or finishing projects. Do not lend money NY Eve or NY Day.

2.Clean and prepare for a fresh start. Wash your windows and mirrors, wind your clocks, change your lightbulbs.
Check out your front door entrance,  wash the door, make it inviting – it’s time for a new welcome mat!

3.Stock the fridge & cupboards with an abundance of fresh nutritious foods.
Having enough for leftovers after New Year’s Day assures us abundance all throughout the New Year.

A festive colorful fruit bowl connects our intention to abundance as oranges & tangerines represent money & prosperity; apples symbolize good health & safety; pineapples symbolize recognition & promotion. Grapes symbolize success and abundance. Be sure to feast on noodles; uncut they represent long life. Gather the family for a celebratory dinner.

4. Live blooming flowers represent rebirth, new growth, new beginnings. Fortunate plants include: Plum Blossoms, Bamboo, Evergreen Pine, Pussy Willow, Peony and Azalea.

5. Your appearance, actions and attitudes set the tone for the New Year. Prepare to strut your stuff ~ indulge in a manicure, pedicure, massage, new hair style; any activity to set your intention for the year to come.

Prepare your wealth vase as part of your intention to prosper.

On New Year’s Day February 12, 2021

  1. The first words you speak should be sweet and filled with love to ensure each day will be such. No crying or reprimanding children. Do not speak of the past, death, or use negative language.
  2. The first thing you eat should be sweet, (yes ok to brush our teeth first) to ensure we will have only sweetness filling up all days of the New Year.
  3. Wear new clothes; include something red, whether it is seen or unseen – it is still auspicious!
    Don’t wash your hair on New Year’s Day as it is said you will wash your luck away.
  4. As all the preparation has been completed, there are no chores to be done on New Year’s Day to ensure you will not be burdened with hard work this year. You will prosper smooth and easy.
    Laugh, Celebrate, and Enjoy the Day!


~ “Gung Hey Fat Choy” ~

“Wishing You Prosperity & Wealth” or “May Your New Year Be Fortunate”

~My Favorite Wish for All ~

“Wan Shi Ru Yi”  “May Everything Go As You Wish, May Everything Go Smoothly”