Planets… Take Me Away! Release and Renew with Saturn and Uranus

I just love when I can ride the waves of energy.
Let’s hitch a ride with the planets of Saturn and Uranus, together these planets give us the opportunity to make changes with our divine wisdom.
We have 2 weeks to access this energy so let’s get started!

The best way to be open to create this opportunity is to decide to free oneself from limited and restrictive beliefs and conditions.

Here is one of my favorite releasing methods,
you will need:

a quiet space, a candle,
a crystal – I recommend Tiger Eye as this crystal activates our “proper power” for our greatest good, 
Kwan Yin, Buddha or your favorite  spiritual guide photo or statue
 a selenite wand

If you do not own any crystals, use your favorite gemstone for the tiger eye and use your imagination for the selenite wand – just imagine waving a “magic wand” for that portion of the exercise.

Find a place where you can be quiet and comfortable.
Create a sacred space, light a candle, place your tiger eye crystal before you.

Focus on the candles and the tiger eye crystal
allow the things, emotions, patterns and beliefs which you have decided no longer serve you
which you are ready to let go.

Release the ties to the past.  Kwan Yin, our Goddess of Mercy, is with you to assist

Once you are comfortable with what you choose to release, write it down:
“I am ready and willing to let go of………………….”

Speak the words you have written down on your paper.

Speaking out the words gives your intention more power and makes it more real.

If you are not inclined to speak the words, then speak with just the vibration in your throat…

Use the Selenite Wand to Clear those choices from your body mind and spirit by waving it across your body as you do –

Close your eyes and visualize everything you are releasing,

A fine mist is rising from your essence like a cloud moving up into the sun 

Feel the light of the sun clear the mist… refining with the energy of metal

End with a Cleansing Prayer:

“I have cleared all energy related to my desires to release emotions, patterns and beliefs which no longer serve me across all planes of existence, across all universes and across all lifetimes for my greatest good beyond my knowing. “ I Am Light”

Questions? I’d love to hear from you,