To Compare or Not To Compare? That is the Question!

✨Is it natural to compare yourself to others 🤨 ?
✨Are you supposed to be like someone one else 🥺?
😍Or be as good as you perceive that person is ?
😍The answer is yes, no, it depends !!
✨The truth is, you create your reality from the moment you are born.
✨The environment around you influences your decisions in what you believe to be true.
✨The people you love and trust, your peers, the shows you watch, the books you read, the songs you sing.
✨Here’s an idea – when you find you are comparing yourself to others, use this as a fact finding mission.
✨Collect the information and notice what you can learn from that person.
✨What you admire, are they are somewhere you want to be or have something you want to achieve?
✨ Use the information as a tool to make decisions how to achieve your success in your own unique way. Be grateful for the noticing.
✨We talk about this stuff every week at my Thursday Morning Women’s Circle.
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