Maximize the Power of 8 Bonus Booster in 2018
Maximize the Power of the 8 for 2018 – SouthEast!
Feng Shui principles connect to energy using time and space.
Looking at the time period 2004 – 2023, we find that “8” is our most auspicious number as we are in a period “8” for these 20 years. 
Each year the magic number “8” is visiting one of the 9 sectors of the cardinal directions. When we connect to this auspicious area, we can align with, what I refer to as  “bonus energy of the universe”
One of my favorite Bonus Boosters is a Wealth Vase. 
Supplies Needed:
New Enriched Rice, 
Ginger Jar or Decorative Jar with Lid, 
Red Envelope, 
88 cents, dollars or any denomination in double “8”
Place the red envelope with the money at the bottom of the jar
Add the rice
Include an intention for prosperity: mine is $.88 x 100,00
Close the lid.
Questions? I have the answers.. If your South East Area is not conducive to placing a wealth vase, I have other suggestions for you. All you need to do is ask! I am here for you.
May your 2018 bring many fortunate blessings.