Fun With Maria Mirkovich on Family Today

I had so much fun with Maria taping her show “Family Today with Maria Mirkovich” Enjoy!

“Ooooo What A Little Feng Shui Can Do For You”

Find out what a little Feng Shui Can Do For YOU! I had so much fun chatting with Maria about, Life, Feng Shui and Awareness.. Interview with Maria Mirkovich Family Today –  Thursday May 21, 2015! Northern New Jersey: FIOS – Thursdays at 7:00 PM on Channel 34New York:Time Warner – Channel 57New York: RCN […]

Manifesting Our Visions with a Little Help From the Universe

I just love connecting with the gift of the Universe. Each year there are auspicious locations which support us in our life journey. For those of us who create vision boards, they become very powerful if we place them in these areas of bonus energy. These are my picks for the best locations to place […]

Be The Magic You Know You Are

Messages are all around you… I saw this on the wall at Macy’s..  I found it was speaking directly to me. It is a bright new year, notice what you notice, on a billboard, a license plate, a book that falls off a shelf – when you least expect it – the universe is speaking […]