Surfing in My Living Room – My New Normal of Mind Body Care Connection by Lois Kramer-Perez CHt

I have had lots of conversations with friends, family, clients, and colleagues regarding the current state of our world during this COVID-19 situation. The emotions vary from anger, frustration to relief and a new sense of peace. While you cannot control what is happening around you, you can control your choices and how you respond […]

To Compare or Not To Compare? That is the Question!

✨Is it natural to compare yourself to others 🤨 ? ✨Are you supposed to be like someone one else 🥺? 😍Or be as good as you perceive that person is ? 😍The answer is yes, no, it depends !! . ✨The truth is, you create your reality from the moment you are born. ✨The environment […]

Don’t Believe A Word I Say ! Find Out For Yourself

“Don’t believe a word I say! Find out for yourself.”
Very wise words from my very wise teacher Eric Dowsett.
I quote Eric all the time, but do I listen to what I am saying?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

“Tra La La I Gaily Sing Because It’s Spring, Because It’s Spring!” Random Thoughts – Or Are They?

“Tra La La I Gaily Sing Because It’s Spring, Because It’s Spring!” This was the line I had in my 3rd grade school play – my very first time on stage. I can recall the excitement of saying those words as I carried my basket of plastic flowers, skipping along, so proud in my new […]

Disappointment or Inspiration? You Choose.

Disappointment or Inspiration? Have you ever had the excitement of a new adventure and then boom – when it began you found yourself deflated and disappointed? What did you do? Did you walk away? Or did you continue? Here is my story, it is not a new one, I have played this role before, and […]


“It’s Not Mine!” Uh-Oh- I notice a feeling – all of a sudden, it’s the feeling of impatience – but wait a moment, I am having a great day, where did this come from? It must be information my body is noticing. Any feeling we have ever experienced is a vibration our body remembers. We […]