Looking Through the Lens of Me

My last post, as I wrote about my childhood nature, it really brought me back to that place. I experienced all those feelings again. I shared that writing with my inspiring little sister, she had no memory that I was such a fearful child. Could it be she had a different experience than I did, I am sure that it is so.

I was looking through the lens of “me”, she was looking through the lens of “her”.  It is quite enlightening when we come together to get a glimpse each other’s experience. How often are we really aware of each other’s experience, it is quite easy to get caught up in our own patterns from our own lens, especially in the midst of a moment that we perceive as dramatic. Our logical mind can show us how it is not about us, not to take it personally, but our emotions, anxious to get out & show us how dramatic they can be, based on past performances and patterns arise to the surface – wow that can surely shake us up!
I am enjoying connecting to the child within me, not to be so afraid of the “scary things” in my memories, but to connect with the joys, looking through the lens of me & also learning to look through the lens of you…..

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