Gratitude & Inspiration

I have been thinking a lot about gratitude and inspiration these past few weeks. What has come to mind are the people in my life as they inspired me from the very beginning. It is as if I am connecting through my roots, my foundation. I can feel my Root Chakra, at the base of my spine, sparkling like a Ruby Jewel. What arises into my awareness is my younger sister, as a child, as I recall her giggles, her spirit, her smile with a twinkle in her eye. She was Fearless! There was no place she would not explore, no person to whom she would not speak. Wow, I was in awe, what could it feel like to be so spontaneous, so happy go-lucky. But, there was another side to her, like thunder-she could explode and throw a quite a jarring tantrum one moment, and then, as quickly as it appeared, (once she got her message across) it would be over.
Now as I recall these expressions, with the knowledge I have gained along my journey- my sister was expressing the energy of “3” Tree! That burst of early morning springtime, a spontaneous, fearless risk-taker, with a side of “Thunder”. I, on the other hand, expressed the Water” child, emotional, shy, & watery, becoming frozen with fear of the things I didn’t understand, or if they were just too “scary” – such as elevators, “big people”, swimming in a pool or ocean. I loved to be near the water, just was too afraid to jump in! Earning the nick-name “Sara Burnheart” or being accused of “Crying Crocodile Tears” only sent me deeper into watery emotions.

I am grateful for both experiences, my sister inspired me to want to experience being care-free spontaneous & fearless. Understanding the watery expressions I had as a child, gives me a wonderful appreciation of my ability to daydream, get lost in my thoughts and connect to my emotions. I also realize it was no wonder I enjoyed my modern dance classes in those early years of 7 & 8 , rolling around the floor as waves in the ocean or twirling around like ribbons in the wind.
I may not have expressed it to my little sister at the time, but I am so grateful that she is my inspiring little sister.

Breathe into your brilliance ~ explore the sensations around your thoughts, your inner expressions & your earliest memories of our gratitude & inspiration. Sometimes the things we least expect bring our brightest inspiration.
It only takes a moment to take a breath,
It only takes a moment to become inspired.

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