I am noticing, how I am reminded that I am in control of me & I have the power to make the choices that are right for me. I felt this theme beginning this weekend, Monday night again and Tues afternoon. When the universe presents information for me 3 in a row, I know something is trying to get my attention.
How often do we get caught in our patterns of
how we “have always done it”,
how we perceive “we are supposed to do it”

Whatever “it is.”

We learn from our parents, teachers, friends, how we are expected to behave, and for those of us that want to feel as if we belong, that want to fit in, that want to do”it”right – we hang onto these patterns.

Last week during Thurs Morning Meditation class we discussed how we respond to feelings.
First we need to be Aware.
Once Aware,we can Notice what is going on.
As we Notice, we can then Respond rather than react.

Now we want to choose to do something different, not the way “it” has always been. Oy, that feels uncomfortable, doing something different. But that is ok, I am changing my relationship to how I am experiencing life, how I am relating to how it feels, making a choice how “I” want to experience life. I don’t want to forget to breathe… I need my breaths. Now, I am consciously slowing my pace to be sure I have my moments to breathe.

Sometimes the things we least expect bring our brightest inspiration.

It only takes a moment to take a breath,
It only takes a moment to become inspired.


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