Fabulous Feng Shui for Your Holiday

Here we are amidst the holiday season once again. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all, we can find ourselves moving so quickly, we are not even aware of what is happening that we may miss the joy connecting to the moments, what can one do?

Feng Shui principles create support in our life, wonderful tools to help us stay organized and grounded so that we may enjoy this festive fast-paced time of year.
Here are a few Feng Shui tips to get you started:

Your Front Door:

  • Do you use it? Make sure it is easy to open.
  • Make it inviting. Add some color and sparkle and light.

In many cases our front door is our face to the world, a metaphor for how we are moving along in our life journey so create a joyous welcoming experience.

Create Your Fabulous First:

  • The first thing you see upon entering must be Fabulous!
  • Create ample space around furniture and objects

Movement should be effortless throughout your home, meandering as if you are a stream of water flowing easily from room to room with ample space around furniture and objects. We are coming into the season of winter, the element of water, the energy of adaptability & flow, it is a perfect time to dream of our hearts desires and make plans for the coming New Year. Connecting to the feelings of our thoughts and dreams, we find we can make it so!

Energize with Life!

  • Your space comes alive with greenery
  • String little strands of lights through your plants and trees

Plants, flowers and trees bring life into our space, we use them to remind us how blessed we are to be alive. Embrace the sense of unconditional giving, how good it feels to show kindness to others. That which we give away with compassion, without expectation, is what we reap 1,000 times over. The energy of life brings forth an enthusiasm to do, nourishing our ideas, supporting our ability to go-go-go!

Let there be light!

  • If you have a fireplace, use it
  • Light your candles, even battery operated ones to create shimmers of light
  • Decorate with objects that bring you joy and sparkle

Tis the season of parties and celebrations, filling our spirits with joy and excitement. Keep your fires burning from within, by surrounding yourself with items that create a sparkling festive mood. Choose the method that works for you, decorating with objects which bring you feelings of joy, or donning your holiday gear. A sense of whimsy is always welcome here to help us when we find ourselves too serious. Be spontaneous! Laugh, dance and sing!

Grounding Comfort:

  • Use comfy pillows and snugly warm throws
  • Square shapes and earth tones
  • Cinnamon scents in the kitchen, lavender in the bedroom

Earthy comfort helps us remain grounded and bring life into our space. Create your personal space to feel cozy, warm and nurtured.

Refine and Define:

  • Designate an area for holiday items
  • Take 15 minutes a day to maintain organization

Refine yourself; define yourself; the energy of metal can help us with focus. If you find yourself too scattered from all the activities and excitement taking place, or feeling all over the place like a spilled glass of water, take some time to create a sense of order and control. Stop for a moment to take a breath, allow yourself 15 min to begin to organize your space. Designate an area for gifts, holiday items and other paraphernalia that seems to be cropping up all over. The more time we spend shopping, visiting, celebrating, the less time we have to keep things in their natural order, and for some of us this can be very daunting & distracting.
Choose the space where you can tolerate the temporary chaos and enjoy it!

The most important tip of all is feel the LOVE. LOVE everything in your space, if it feels good – then it is perfect for you.