“A Shoe-In or A Shoe-Off! That is the question! A Guide to Awareness
It Is More Than Just Your Words

Words… are your words aligned with who you are?

Are those words that you are thinking –

those words which you are speaking to yourself,
aligned with the words you consciously speak out loud?

I have found that I am not always specific when I talk to myself.

When I am specific – I get exactly what I ask for.

This past week, the universe sent me what it “thought” I was asking for… In the beginning of April I began saying to myself, “I need a vacation, time to just relax and do nothing” however I was not specific about how or where I wanted to do this, all I could “feel” when I talk to myself through words or thoughts, was being alone and doing nothing.

So guess what? Last Monday I awoke with a cold in my scratchy throat, exhausted and spent Monday through Thursday morning “lolling” in bed. Napping and just keeping to myself.. hmmm not the vacation I thought I was yearning for!

Almost one week and a half later, I am still clearing my throat, sniffling a bit but NOW imagining how lush it “feels” to luxuriate on a warm beach in the sun with a cool breeze, full of vibrant energy, walking along the shore, laughing and singing, holding hands with my special man… let’s see what these words will bring in the coming weeks!

Words, I love the words in this song:

“all you have to do is close your eyes and just reach out your hand”

can you imagine the feelings this evokes.. I can..

Words.. I am now more aware to have my words aligned inside & out, aligned with my feeling, inside & out

I Am Water, See Me Swirl

Discover Your True Nature: Water
We have the potential to express the 5 elements in our behavior, do you resonate with water? read on … I welcome your comments

It’s a lovely Autumn Day, even through the clouds I enjoy the vibrancy of color, as the leaves continue to turn. Today I feel the energy as gentle & graceful, allowing my imagination to flow freely, feeling very connected to the watery aspect of my nature, gazing at the trees in my backyard, dreaming I am at the ocean listening to the waves lapping against the rocks. Water is flowing, moving, meandering. This water nature loves the daydreams, reclining, staying up late into the night. A thinker, I ponder, creating all kinds of visions in my mind. The key is to move these visions from my thoughts to paper, through writing or drawing or even through words, by speaking communicating. I love my freedom, to come and go as the feeling directs me. Yes I feel deeply, filled with emotion, I sometimes get teary, but it is not sadness, just my water overflowing…

I want to dance and twirl… swirling around graceful and free, I am the water ~ I nourish the trees.

I am inspired in a way of welcoming newness, a sense of a beginning to take place as the completion of this cycle continues. A new way to sense the circle of life.

What have you noticed today?

How are you feeling the energy around you?

Are you in “your element”?
Are you going with the flow you feel?

Or are you feeling some resistance?

Embrace your feelings, glow with it and flow with it…
(yes I said “glow”)

Do you recognize an aspect of water within you?
Experience this element of water, it can help you meander & flow, blossom & grow.
Breathe into it, smile and enjoy your moments.

Today, I wish for you a day with a graceful turns and sweet swirls…

“Breathe…It only takes a moment to take a breath, It only takes a moment to become inspired“
~ Lois Kramer-Perez