The more we can just be, the more awake we become, the more aware we are of how much we are in alignment.  

In alignment all is effortless, we are like water…this feeling, reminds me of this lovely Chinese poem…translated as…

“Love Times Six  

                   —— Water Ripples

Lapping softly and constantly  

With the wind

Never pausing, never tiring,

Self improving and reflecting”  


I keep this poem on my desk, to remind me to be in the flow…How synchronistic that  I received this poem with a gift from my friends in Shanghai when I departed the corporate world to begin my new life, which brings me here to where I am today.

Those words in perfect alignment with my journey.


If we listen to each other, we can see our synchronicity unfolding before us.. we are all connected in such a beautiful way, our thoughts, our ideas,  our journeys… sometimes it is as if we are operating  in parallel lives!


We are all connected.
Each & every one of
us, by just being.


So, take a moment, breathe into your brilliance, embrace the essence of synchronicity, by just being, allow all the beauty to unfold before you, as you embrace in the flow of alignment.  

“Sometimes the things we least expect bring our brightest inspiration. 

It only takes a moment to take a breath, 

It only takes a moment to become inspired. Lois Kramer-Perez


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