Messages from Mother Nature – The Purple Iris

It is a glorious Monday – The grass, the plants, the flowers & trees are all so grateful to be hydrated once more.
After a glorious weekend, I welcome the drizzle & the rain again.  I love how the droplets cling to the flowers and leaves. Everything is so lush  ~ it feels so abundant.. I feel so abundant!


I don’t know where they came from, but a few years ago I noticed these gorgeous purple iris in all their glory in my garden. I had not been able to plant anything in this location for many years as the roots from the trees are so close to the surface… but somehow ~ Mother Nature found a way to surprise me, to send me a gift. I realize now what an amazing gift she brought, as whenever I see these lovely purple iris, I stop and marvel at their beauty, I notice how it feels, I take a moment, to be in the moment, to take a breath and just be… ahh that is a precious gift. Thank you Mother Nature for giving us the gift of beauty all around us, so that we will take these moments, to notice as we feel grateful.

This morning I took this photo of my lovely purple iris.. how beautiful she graces my garden, with her delicate droplets clinging to her petals… As I searched for the meaning of the purple iris, it all makes sense to me why I am so drawn to this flower… the 3 leaves representing faith, wisdom and valor and the Greek word “Iris” meaning “Rainbow” – it is said that the Greek goddess Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, a messenger on Mount Olympus, would take messages from ~the eye of Heaven~ to earth by the arc of the rainbow. The word iris also means ~eye of heaven.~ It was the name given to the goddess, this flower, and the center of your eye.   This means that each of us carries a piece of heaven with us.

This is the perfect time of year, to connect in the moments, as we embrace the beauty around us  the messages from Mother Nature are guiding us to notice, to be in the moment, to be grateful.

Sometimes the things we least expect bring our brightest inspiration.

It only takes a moment to take a breath,

It only takes a moment to become inspired.


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