Recognize Anyone? 5 Element Astrology Personality Discovery

I am fascinated with how complex we are yet how simple it can be. My Feng Shui studies opened a new door for me to understand myself and those around me. The 5 Elements in nature are the same elements in our space and in our person. Understanding and recognizing what makes us tick ~ makes all the difference. We can be ourselves with purpose and have the understanding to adapt as needed or desired.  Here a is glimpse into this world… Oh and yes.. these “Numbers” have significance…  5 Element Astrology ~ Uncover your true nature.

5 Element Personalities ~ Can You Find Yourself or Recognize Those in Your Life?

1 Water: Flowing, Quiet & Dormant as Winter. “Floating”.  Sensual, Wise & Resourceful. 

Willpower, Courage & Stubborn. Good negotiators, they are flexible & adaptable. Freedom is key, they rebel against structure, and prefer staying up late and sleeping in. Horizontal is their position, especially if it is in the Water!  Ease is their operating mode. Influenced by their emotions they may express “watery”.  Lovers of Art, Writing and Daydreaming.
Connect: Allow them to Process, Float and Be Creative – They Are Thinkers. 

3,4 Tree: Upward Moving Energy. The Burst of Spring! “Doing”. Active, Driven, Kind & Optimistic. Independent, Strong, Dynamic Energy. Practical yet Risk takers. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! They can become impatient & pushy. Like thunder “3” blows & goes. Like a willow “4” is the wind, gently moving back & forth. Outdoors is where they want to be. Practicality is key-show me the study!
Connect: Allow them to be Physically Active – They Are Doers. 

9 Fire: Outward Peaking Energy of Summer. “Fun” Curious, Passionate, Charismatic & Self-Driven. Spontaneous, Adventurous & Inspiring. Fun is key, people are drawn to their funloving nature. They lose focus when they become scattered, attention everywhere; like the sparks of a flame. Be engaging to grab their attention.
Connect: Allow them to Express Themselves, Engage Their Curiosity – It Must Be Fun! 

2,5,8 Earth: Nurturing, Grounding, Settling In. “Nurturers”. Stable, Loyal and Supportive.  “2” will tend to nurture everyone. “5” will always be at the center of it all. “8” The tough exterior tender inside. Comfort is key. There is a tendency to worry, about everything.
Connect: Allow them to be your Supporters, your Caregivers. Safe and Cozy environment is their comfort zone. 

6,7 Metal: Inward Contracting Energy, Autumn, “Refined” Organized, Focused, Confident and Intuitive. An innate aesthetic appreciation for fine things, but not appreciative of criticism. “6” the Father, Authority Visionary. “7” the Youngest Daughter, Joy, Creativity.  Both are very sensitive in their unique ways and can be sensitive to the environment.
Connect: Allow them to have their personal space and have a voice in their surroundings-They Feel Everything. 

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