“Mums the Word! or is it Purple Aster?” Engage Your Senses

I have been noticing the phrase “Mums the Word” coming into my mind, followed by ” Purple Aster.” I could see them clearly in my mind, feeling that sense of October moving in, & then clearly in front of me as they appeared in gardens & parks alike.

“Mums” or “Chrysanthemums”are a sturdy harvest flower, signifying an abundance of joy, harvest and a fruitful life. It is said that if you gift someone this flower, they will have a “life of ease.” The pom pom mums remind me of corduroy fabric, you know that plush fabric with vertical lines that form a “cord”. When wearing corduroy pants, they usually make that “swishing” sound when you walk as the fabric rubs with each step… ahhh reminds me of autumn, getting my corduroy’s in those colors of amber, wines & deep emerald greens.. ha! I can roll in the leaves and disappear!

Now, I began noticing the Purple Aster, quite the star of the autumn show, with their name “Aster” derived from the Greek “Star”are known as a talisman of love and a symbol of patience daintiness and good luck.

As I drove around today in the rain, “Good Morning Starshine” playing in my head, I knew today was the day I would find the flowers to grace my walk. The rainy autumn afternoon brought memories of steaming tomato soup with crispy grilled cheese sandwiches to mind, fortunately~ just as I was about to search out the nearest Deli for a snack ~ a neighborhood garden center appeared.
Employing the Drop & Plop Planting Method I have perfected, Beautiful Fuchsia Asters & Pink Centered Cabbages now adorn my path. Fuschia Asters & Pink Centered Cabbage

Fuchsia Aster & Pink Centered Cabbage Adorn My Path

So tell me, what you have noticed lately?
What sparks your memory sensories?
Engage your senses,
allow yourself to be inspired by all around you
take a breath

& smile.

“Sometimes the things we least expect bring our brightest inspiration,
It only takes a moment to take a breath,
It only takes a moment to become inspired”
~ Lois Kramer-Perez


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