We all need it
What brings you inspiration?
Sound,  Music, Color, Taste, Children Laughing, The Ocean, The Mountains, Vibrant Energy ~

As we set our sights on creating an wonderful 2012,
We want to dream BIG, BEYOND our WILDEST DREAMS,
We want to revel in our daydreams, inspired, experiencing how it feels.
Take a moment to  breathe into your brilliance ~
Explore the sensations around your inspirations, your thoughts, your inner expressions
These vibrations manifest our desires…
My daydreams not only brought me an art studio,
They brought me an artist too!
It only takes a moment to take a breath,
It only takes a moment to become inspired.

Lois Kramer Perez, Intuitive Feng Shui Practitioner & Educator
Dreaming My Wildest Dreams, Smiling & Breathing in 2012

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