“Oy Vey Feng Shui! Namaste~What We Say”
This is one of my favorite greetings.
received this tile from my cousin Joyce on Thursday –
I love this definition:
“My Soul Honors Your Soul.”

 received this tile from my cousin Joyce on Thursday –
I love this definition:
“My Soul Honors Your Soul.”
  Another definition I love is ” The Light In Me Recognizes the Light In You.” I recently posted this on instagram and my fb last week so you may have seen my comments.
How timely to honor one another during the feast of gratitude, our recent Thanksgiving Celebration.
At our table, before we eat, we hold hands. Connected we are one.
We Gather.
Thank you Jason and Neil, with these tiles we commemorate our family.

So what’s with this “Oy Vey Feng Shui” you say?

Feng Shui is our first stop to program our feelings, our thoughts, our self talk. So let’s be proactive and set the stage.

I placed the “namaste” tile on my windowsill in the kitchen, I’ll see it every day, over and over again, feeling the light you shine for me to see, offering mine to you.
I placed the “gather”tile on my coffee table, reminding me how good it feels to “gather together.”

I already have this beauty on the wall in the kitchen next to my stove. I see it every day, over and over, and on those days I cook breakfast, even better.
As we surround ourselves with messages which directly correlate to feelings we desire, we then begin to create the world we wish to be.
This is one small step.
Take a look around, what do you see?
Create your fabulous firsts.
Create the world you want to feel.
Create the words you want to say.
Now that’s an Oy Vey Fabulous Feng Shui!

Let’s Talk Guided Clearing Meditation!

I love my Lady Savants! I belong to an awesome group of LadyBosses! I had the opportunity to record a sunrise mediation on the shores of Cancun this summer specifically for Lady Savant Society – Connecting to your “Divine Golden Light”  Here is my interview with Mariel Alvarado, Lady Savant co-founder with Brandyn Coe Randolph, where I share my guided clearing meditation practice.   Ohm.. Namaste