The principles of Feng Shui have been around for thousands of years, that tells me there must be something to this! The universal aspect of Feng Shui which appears in all applications, based on the cycles of nature is 5 element theory.

Each element has layers of information: a season, time of day, direction, family member archetype, color, shape, and characteristic which relates to an expression in human nature.  In my practice, where I “feng shui people” before we address their space, one of the systems I use is called the 9 Star Ki. This system is based on the 9 cycles in nature; each cycle has its own nature and characteristics.  Each cycle is connected with one of the 5 elements in nature: water, tree, fire, earth and metal.  Aligning the 5 elements with the 9 cycles, 3 of the elements are refined further; there are 2 tree energies, 2 metal energies and 3 earth energies.  Hence the relation to the name of the system – star referring to cycle – ki referring to energy – 9 cycles of energy= “9 Star Ki”.

Using this 9 Star Ki system, each person has the potential for 3 elemental influences in their nature based on their year, month and day of birth.  The position of these elements will also have an influence on how the characteristics are expressed.   The most powerful aspect of this information is the behavior we express based on our elemental nature.The more we understand what makes us tick, the more we can create a lifestyle that supports us and have a better understanding of the people in our lives, creating more harmonious relationships.

Here are a few examples:

Metal ElementControl, Order, Precision A person who has an aspect of metal energy in their nature will be more comfortable when the situation is under control (usually their control) and their environment is neat and orderly, all things in their proper place.
Refined even further
“6 Metal” energy relates to father’s energy: authority, being in control of everyone and everything
“7 Metal” energy is the most sensitive to the environment, from scents and the feel of fabrics on their skin, to the most important: feeling the energy – walking into a crowded room can be quite uncomfortable as this nature is so sensitive, they can feel everything going on around them.

Understanding the depth of how much this aspect is a part of a person can help them make better decisions on how to operate with their strengths on a daily basis.

Combining the 9 Star Ki with reading the physical aspects of a person, the information about the individual’s make-up becomes more unique.  Our physical attributes are also connected with the 5 elements, for instance spiky hair and pointy nose adds the fire element.  Shadows under the eyes or a dome forehead adds water element.  These attributes may enhance an already present element or add an element not present in the birth year, month and day.

Feng Shui is brilliant because it is the one thing that ties us all together inside and out – who we are and how we relate to our environment.  As we create an environment where we are most comfortable and supported (based on the nature of the elements we most identify with) we can express ourselves in a productive manner.  We have a way to express our most inherent nature.

We also gain a clear understanding of the people in our lives. As we begin to understand their expressions through the 5 elements, there is no judgment. Knowing people are expressing their true nature allows compassion. 

Here is a brief overview of the 5 elements, which do you resonate with? Take a look around you… does your space reflect your true nature?

Water “To Be” Helps Us Adapt and Express Our Feelings

Water depicts stillness and reflection, movement and flow.

The season of winter and time of midnight. Dream Dream Dream..

Fabrics that flow, irregular shapes, wavy fluid lines and a chaise to lounge, along with colors of turquoise blues and black, signify the energy of water.


Tree“To Do” The Start of New Beginnings

Tree energy depicts sprouting growth and new beginnings.

The season of spring and early morning. Let’s go go go!

Tall vertical shapes, rustic style, practical and leafy patterns with bright green colors, represent this active energy in nature.


Fire“To Live” Transformational, Playful & Passionate

Fire depicts expansive energy, inspiration, our passions, and illumination. 

The season of summer and the time of high noon. Let’s have fun fun fun!

Angular, pyramid shapes, eclectic and dramatic style along with the hot colors of red, yellow,fuchsia and orange inspire.


Earth“To Nurture” Supports Feeling Grounded, Comfort, Safe and Secure

Earth depicts stability, grounding, and balance.

The time of pause between summer and autumn, that stillness in late afternoon. Contemplation. 

Overstuffed pillows, square, or rectangle furniture. Cozy Comfortable & Collectibles

Warm nurturing colors of sand, gold, clay, terra cotta, and chocolates.


Metal “To Refine” Focus, Precision, “Meticulous”
Metal depicts the inward contracting of energy, all things coming to completion.
The season of autumn and evening. Precise.
Minimal clean lines, with metal or shapes that are circular, oval, and more rounded.
Monochromatic colors of whites, pastels along with metallics: gold, bronze, copper and silver,