Exercises for The Spirit In Your Daily Life

It’s the beginning of another new year, we have set our goals, and here we are, already into our second month of the year, February. It’s time to check in to see what is going on. As important as it is to exercise our physical bodies we must also exercise our minds and spiritual bodies. As I have traveled on my journey, I have found that we are so powerful beyond our imagination when we tap into our core, connect to our strengths, our inspiration, when we become centered and without distraction.

We can incorporate some basic techniques into our daily life, to help us connect to our experiences in a different way, to help us stay focused, open our awareness and reduce distraction. Our environment plays a part in our daily experience, so we want to purposefully create the environment that supports us. There is nothing better than the feeling of ahhhh, when we enter our homes. We can feel our bodies go into a relaxed state, our muscles soften, we can breathe. This becomes a pattern we want to create. Before we even enter our home, our bodies will know to get ready. It becomes almost automatic, this feeling of comfort, security, & peace, “I am home.” If we have a different experience as we enter our homes, then take a look around to see messages we are getting. Are we feeling annoyed? Could it be we are frustrated because we trip over shoes, books or assorted items when walking through the door? Or, do we notice we feel exhausted as we enter through the mud room and see all the laundry piled up or the garbage & recycles that are waiting to be taken out.

When we change the things which we have control, we are supported, focused and less distracted. We are able to respond to the events which we have no control, rather than getting lost in those feelings by going into reaction and becoming distracted.

Focus on creating an effortless experience when entering your home. Start with specific things such as, the door opening easily and a clear path to enter. Coming in through the garage, or mud room, first focus on the area you will see as you enter to create that effortless experience, and then you will find, little by little you can start to transform the rest of the space to be more supportive, less distracting. This is the beginning of tapping into your awareness of the experiences of your daily activities.

We want to create support for ourselves at a subconscious level, but first we must become aware of the influences around us in our conscious level.

Here are a few exercises to help you begin.

  1. Wake Up and Expand Your Energy: Before you get out of bed take a moment, breathe, and expand your energy through your body. Set the tone, the vibration, for what you will attract. Take a deep breath, smile and stretch, filling your body with vibrant energy.
  1. Notice “Firsts”: What is the first thing you see when you wake up each morning, the first thing you see sitting at your desk, the first thing you see when you come into your home. How do feel? Create an environment to support you in all aspects – Mind-Body-Spirit. Create your “Fabulous Firsts.
  1. Notice “Feelings”: Be mindful to notice your feelings, recognize what they are, do not get lost in them. As you notice a feeling, an emotion, especially if there is a strong physical sensation attached it, look at it differently: notice it as information that your body is receiving.
  1. Do Not take it Personally! It is not about you!  Once you become Aware of the feelings, you will begin to change your relationship with them. Embrace all of what you feel, and begin a new relationship with these feelings to help you move from distraction to awareness.
  1. As you change your relationship with feelings, you begin to Create a different way to be. Others around will begin to change their relationship as well.
  1. Accept yourself for who you are. Be yourself on purpose. Practice letting go of judgment. Once you let go of judging yourself, you will begin to let go of judging others. Rejoice & be grateful for your perfect you.
  1. Use the exercises that which you resonate, to help strengthen your “feeling  muscle”. Find an activity that brings you to a quiet, focused, centered state. Some examples: Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Spinning, Walking, Journaling, Daydreaming, Ironing, it is up to you, anything from physical exercise or just sitting quietly and focusing on your breath.