Creating A Garden That’s Perfect For You

Translated literally, Feng Shui means Wind Water. Wind represents the energy we cannot see but can feel. “Water represents the energy in our physical spaces we can see.

Feng Shui is based on the principles of the cycles of nature using the 5 elements, helping us to create balance in our lives as we connect with our environment. A garden is the perfect way to do this, as we embrace nature.

The 5 elements are around us all the time, influencing us through the seasons, weather, colors, shapes and even our behavior. The 5 elements referred to in Feng Shui are Water, Tree, Fire, Earth and Metal.

I am sure you have noticed that when spring arrives, we become energized, are excited to witness all the green sprouting up from the earth. We want to get outside, start doingthings, and “spring cleaning” to embrace the new beginnings before us, this is the influence of the “Tree” element. Traditionally this element is known as “Wood”, but I prefer to refer to it as “Tree” because this element is alive with the energy of early morning, plants & trees. The colors are shades of bright greens & the supporting shapes of tall vertical columns. Accents of stripes, florals, planters and logs connect us to the practical active energy of Tree.

Following the spring season is Summer! Summer is full of fun & excitement – the element of Fire! Bright spirited colors of red, fuchsia, yellow & orange support playfulness & passions.  Whimsical accents & sparkling lights and  angular shapes as flames support this spirited element.  Fire brings us clarity, illumination &transformation. It is the time of high noon, when all is at its peak.

After all the fun of the summer, we slow down and take time to pause, feeling that settling energy of earth. The same energy we notice around 3:00 pm, when we just pause, yet the day has not ended. Earth energy is supportive, nurturing & comfort.Colors depicting earth range from pale ivories, warm golds, terracotta to warm chocolatebrowns.  Supportive shapes of rectangles and squares using brick and tile, along withcomfy cozy overstuffed seating depict the element earth.

Autumn brings us the energy of Metal, when all is contracting and coming tocompletion, the time of early evening at the end of the day. Metal is the element ofrefinement, focus and control. Clean precise lines, stones and dome shapes and the metallic colors of silver, bronze and gold as well as clean white depict the element ofmetal.

Once all is complete, it is time to begin the cycle again, the time of stillness & reflectionbrings us to the season of winter & time of midnight, the element of Water. Irregular shapes with curves and paths which meander and flow depict the element of Water. The colors of turquoise, deep blues and black support the energy of water, allowing us to be free to go with the flow, adapt and “just be.”

Have you noticed how each element supports the next? Water feeds the trees so they may grow. Trees fuel the fire so it may flourish. The ash from the fire nourishes the earth. The minerals in the earth create the metal. As the metal contracts to its liquid state it creates water… and so we begin again.

As we align with these elements, we become more in the flow, supporting us to be less distracted, create less stress and enjoy this season of springtime.

The Feng Shui Garden is aligned with Nature

Logic Prevails
Items placed in the garden should support the balance of nature, plants & trees should be inherent to the area, only plant those which do naturally belong.
Allow plants and trees to grow naturally, only use stakes for support.
A Feng Shui Garden takes heed of changing seasons.

A Feng Shui Garden Gives Pleasure.

Feng Shui Form
Create the “armchair form” it should feel as if the garden is being embraced & protected.
Create the support behind the garden with trees, shrubs or fence, extending around the sides.
Paths should be curved, keep the edges soft and fluid.

Create the Garden That Represents You
Always Remember
Has the Highest Vibration
Everything in Your Garden
After All ~ It’s All About You!