Pause, Breathe, and Now What?

Last Updated on: March 16th, 2017

Pause, Breathe, Play.
Sometimes the stage is set for us.
What can we do when circumstances are out of our control?
Go with the flow? Let it go?
Hmmm..  sometimes we do resist.  and that famous saying is “what we resist persists”
When we are stressed and someone says “Relax” – do we?
I don’t!
It has to come from within, it has to be our choice.
Create a new model.
Decide to Pause, when needed or when that is the best choice.
Choice. Decide to Choose.
How Do We Begin?

Our bodies respond to information based on what it knows, for instance – if we feel the emotion of anxiety, our body will recall the chemicals that support that feeling, the more we confirm the feeling of anxiety – the stronger the support becomes.  Now we are going to begin to change our relationship to how we notice and respond to these feeling. We move from “reaction” to “responding”

We feel the effects of charges of information we pick up all the time, as we “react” to a thought, it connects with our emotions, our body has a memory of how it reacts to these feelings, chemicals which support that feeling are sent rushing through our body, this our typical “reaction.” We then believe that We Are that feeling, we are frustrated, or we are angry, and then we begin to “judge” ourselves & how we are feeling, which only strengthens these feelings, creating distraction,

We begin, becoming aware, we pay attention and notice when we begin to feel a strong emotion – before we “react” and decide we are angry, upset, distracted by these “negative thoughts”, begin to redirect ourselves.

First: Notice the feeling that arises and how your body is responding – do not judge it, become aware that this is just information, it is not who you are, it doesn’t define you, you are not that feeling.

Acknowledge you have felt this feeling before, and will feel it again in your lifetime, but it is not who you are, it will not overwhelm you,

Second: Redirect your thoughts: Replace the thought supporting that feeling with something positive: such as: This feeling dealing with “x” feels like frustration, but I am not frustrated, that was just information as to how my body was responding to this situation, now that this is done, I feel relieved, clear and grounded, all of those distractions from this situation are gone. I am focused, I feel positive, I am refreshed, I am abundant.

We can create the state we can choose to become.
We practice our new power and state of being.
Practice Choosing.
Practice Being.

Play! Enjoy Life ~Because we can!

If you would like to hear more about this empowering tool, contact Lois at  she would love to set up a call to to tell you more.


Feng Shui Fun Holiday Tip #2

Last Updated on: December 10th, 2014

vision board photo

Movement should be effortless throughout your home,

meandering as if you are a stream of water

flowing easily from room to room with ample space around furniture and objects.

We are coming into the season of winter, the element of water, the energy of adaptability and flow.

It is a perfect time to dream of our hearts desires and make plans for the coming New Year.

Connecting to the feelings of our thoughts and dreams,
we find we can make it so!





Sometimes We Just Need Some Happy

Last Updated on: August 13th, 2014


Sometimes we just need some happy, no reason, no rational explanation required.
Take a Happy 30 Second Vacation with Lois




Embrace All Which You Can Become

Last Updated on: July 22nd, 2014

“When I Let go of what I am I become what I might be..” ~ Lao Tzu
Can You?


Take a 30 second vacation with Lois

Last Updated on: October 2nd, 2013

Why do we have to say good-bye to summer, when we can always take a 30 second vacation together..

Get Ready, Get Set – Click!    Enjoy

click here for your 30 second vacation with Lois


Feng Shui and Fabulous for Abundant Living Tip # 2

Last Updated on: January 17th, 2013

Remember, as we said last week, what we see is what we become, this week Tip # 2 talks about how our “stuff” can make us “feel”

  1. 1.      Love It or Lose It: If an item no longer serves a valuable purpose, let it go. When we hang on to things we do not love, we carry the energy of that item. This “stuff” saps up our valuable energy that we need to create and pursue new opportunities and distracts us from enjoying and embracing our glorious moments.

This also relates to what is going on in our cars, look at what you are driving around with .Our cars represent our ability to move forward. You wouldn’t want to feel like you are dragging this around or would you?


 It only takes a moment to take a breath, 

It only takes a moment to become inspired”
~ Lois Kramer-Perez   


I Am Water, See Me Swirl

Last Updated on: October 27th, 2012

Discover Your True Nature: Water
We have the potential to express the 5 elements in our behavior, do you resonate with water? read on … I welcome your comments

It’s a lovely Autumn Day, even through the clouds I enjoy the vibrancy of color, as the leaves continue to turn. Today I feel the energy as gentle & graceful, allowing my imagination to flow freely, feeling very connected to the watery aspect of my nature, gazing at the trees in my backyard, dreaming I am at the ocean listening to the waves lapping against the rocks. Water is flowing, moving, meandering. This water nature loves the daydreams, reclining, staying up late into the night. A thinker, I ponder, creating all kinds of visions in my mind. The key is to move these visions from my thoughts to paper, through writing or drawing or even through words, by speaking communicating. I love my freedom, to come and go as the feeling directs me. Yes I feel deeply, filled with emotion, I sometimes get teary, but it is not sadness, just my water overflowing…

I want to dance and twirl… swirling around graceful and free, I am the water ~ I nourish the trees.

I am inspired in a way of welcoming newness, a sense of a beginning to take place as the completion of this cycle continues. A new way to sense the circle of life.

What have you noticed today?

How are you feeling the energy around you?

Are you in “your element”?
Are you going with the flow you feel?

Or are you feeling some resistance?

Embrace your feelings, glow with it and flow with it…
(yes I said “glow”)

Do you recognize an aspect of water within you?
Experience this element of water, it can help you meander & flow, blossom & grow.
Breathe into it, smile and enjoy your moments.

Today, I wish for you a day with a graceful turns and sweet swirls…

“Breathe…It only takes a moment to take a breath, It only takes a moment to become inspired“
~ Lois Kramer-Perez