Refine Yourself, Define Yourself

How is every feeling, I have noticed an upheaval of sorts, I can feel the churning of energy in the air. We are feeling beings, what is deposited into the collective is what we feel. Amidst all the grief and heartache happening in this world, if we have felt this feeling before, our bodies are triggered to feel it again. Now is the time to mindfully choose how we want to feel, become grounded and fill our hearts with love and compassion. These are the feelings we want to deposit into the collective, supporting each other, however the support it is needed.

Now, another new moon arrived on November 13,2012 ~ another opportunity for a new beginning. Last night we had not only a new moon, but this new moon was combined with a solar eclipse. Reading my colleague Pam Case’s newsletter, I learned that is an opportunity for amazing things to happen. Jan Spiller astrologer writes about how the combination of the eclipse and new moon along with Mercury in retrograde (until 11/26) will stimulate our desire to accept change and transformation in our life, even though we may be having a tough time letting go..

The song I have been listening to in my head since last week is “Unwritten” the phrases I keep singing are “Feel the Rain On Your Skin, No One Else Can Feel It For You”

“Live Your Life With Eyes Wide Open” How profound…  

Now is the time to Connect to Mother Nature’s Metal Energy of Autumn, Refine Yourself, Define Yourself

Write Your Song..

“Breathe.. It only takes a moment to take a breath, it only takes a moment to become inspired.”~ Lois Kramer-Perez

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