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Want to meet Lois in person?

Join us at one of our 2018 Feng Shui Events

3rd Thursday of the Month
Mar 15 Apr 19, May 17
NYC 7-8 PM
Clear Your Stress with
Conversation and Guided
with Lois Kramer-Perez CHt.

You are ready to release stress and take control of the wheel.
You know how awesome it feels to start living with choice rather than reaction. 
What if I told you that you will immediately find relief from the stresses of the environment we live in today?   You are all in with me – right!
Get ready to learn the tools to instantly increase your awareness moving from victim to victor.
Through conversation we explore the triggers and the influences of the environment and people in our lives.
You will learn a new point of view and tools to begin making the shift, clearing the stress of the mind which relaxes the body..
Through breathing, visualization, anchoring and guidance, even the most active minds are surprised to find ease by clearing the self, using these simple personal clearing techniques.The moment we begin changing our patterns throughchoice, we can respond to events of which we have no control, we begin Living Present Consciously. 
No Meditation Experience Required 
Enjoy a peaceful grounding “shoe-free” experience
Thursdays December 14, Jan 18, Feb,15, March 15, Apr19  7-8 PM  –
Registration Required – Reqister via eventbrite link, meet-up or paypal
307 W 30 St NYC –  questions? contact Lois 201.906.5767


2018 Woof De Woof Woof Celebrate the Earth Dog
Saturday Jan 20, 2018 10am-noon
Get Your Bonus Boosters!
How Will YOUR Animal Fare in 2018?

Get insights to how each of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac will fare. Become friends with the Earth Dog byadding this one thing in your wallet, you must attend to find out!

Bonus energy is powerful, we set it and let it create the magic. Find out how and which areas in our home and office to boost this year and which areas to quiet. Learn how to boost creativity, enhance prosperity and career to name just a few, specifically for 2018
10 am – Noon Saturday Jan 20
Prepare to Create Abundance
Tickets Required

Ridgewood Public Library
125 N Maple Ave
Ridgewood NJ
This event is not sponsored by the Ridgewood Library

Questions? Contact Lois 201.906.5767

Lois Kramer-Perez leads opening Meditation Sunday March 18 at Interfaith Music Festival

Guided Meditation and
Vibrational Healing Aligning Spring

Lois guides you through exercises connecting with special words as we Spring Into Action ~ The time of new beginnings and adventure! Invigorated, our creativity begins to zoom. Refreshed, we are energized and ready for action!Experience the vibrations with voice, chimes, and crystal bowls, expanding our energy, activating our ability to put our ideas into action!No Meditation Experience is Required Just Arrive Smiling With An Open Mind & Open Heart $47 by March 20

PLEASE CALL 845-290-0678

Group Past Life Regression
Release the Past Embrace the Present
with Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt.
2:00-3:30 Sunday Apr 22
at Salt of the Earth Center for Healing

Have you ever sensed something very familiar when visiting a place for the first time or when meeting someone new felt like an instant connection? You may find yourself repeating the same pattern over and over again without any rhyme or reason. Join us for an experiential journey to our past. Understanding the past opens our ability to embrace our present. Spring is the perfect time to clear out our old patterns to make room for what is fresh and new. The Salt Cave is the perfect place to be to connect to the magical energy on Earth Day. There is nothing to prepare or to know, just relax and enjoy your journey as Lois guides you through imagery, the information will arise in your awareness. Supported by the healing energy of the Salt Cave, you find peace as you release, and embrace the freedom to enjoy the present.
$50.00 per person, Seating is limited Registration required:
contact: Salt of the Earth Center for Healing 845-290-0678 or click on link below

Guided Clearing Meditation Classes


The Thursday guided clearing meditation classes give you simple tools to use daily helping you create sustainable change….

Have a Question? Contact Lois 201.906.5767