Sheep? Ram? Goat?

Today is Chinese New Year.. The question I am asked it the year of goat, sheep or ram?

Depending on your culture, country or form that is followed any one of these is correct.
From my perspective, The most important part of this is that each Chinese animal represents an archetype, understanding the nature paired with the elemental aspect is the heart of the information. The archetype of the sheep brings their nature of pleasing, generous and love of being in a circle of friends.. combined with the “tree element” new beginnings and emphasis on family relationships bring an opportunity for families to reunite, spending time together and cultivate love together. There will be a strong sense of humanitarianism throughout the world with the emphasis on ending suffering for all. A perfect year for creativity to flourish, look for new trends in art and fashion… embrace the energy of new beginnings!

Wan Shi Ru Yi – May All Your Hearts Desires Be Fulfilled Swift an Sweet. Namaste

2015 sheep