Do Your Thing!

Frank Sinatra sang “I Did It My Way” in the 60’s… today Estelle sings “Do My Thing”

I love the music, the beat and the message – this song “Do My Thing” has inspired this week’s “weekly words”Be sure to scroll down at the end of the message to play the music video! 

It is so important to connect to our unique inner essence.

Understanding who we are deep inside is key.  It is so liberating once we begin to  embrace our total being, without judgement, without fear.
We then express who we are by just being,  so effortlessly and  easily in our power.

It is a natural path to create patterns in our being and expressions, based on what we have learned and the influences in our lives.  

How many times have we tried to adjust our rhythm, our dance, our song, so that we may “fit in” with our own expectations of what we perceive we “should be” ?

We have the ability to change our patterns. But first we must be aware. 

Feng Shui has taught me to embrace my inner essence. I have learned various tools that brought awareness to things about myself which I thought were  “faults” are actually  “gifts” .. what a relief!  

Tomorrow during our weekly guided clearing meditation, we will connect to our essence,  and smile as we embrace who we are inside as we expand our energy to the collective.

Information is power.. 2 of the tools I use to help us understand our essence are  Chinese Animal Archetypes, and  5 Element Astrology –  as Chinese New Year is Jan 31, now is the time to get ready! It is my pleasure to share my knowledge with you.  

You want to “Do Your Thing” with purpose-

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The Year of the Wood Horse

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Here is Estelle’s “Do Your Thing”