Sometimes You Feel Like the Boss

Sometimes you feel like the boss, sometimes you don’t. Or maybe you always feel like you have to be the boss. Why is this? A simple way to understand this is to use the principles of 5 element theory, as these elements exist in our space, they also exist within each of us. This connection is the answer to the question why some of us spring out of bed each morning, while others just drift along, why some of us HAVE to be in control and others grateful they are not. Understanding our true nature gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in a productive manner that is beneficial to all. Understanding our true nature gives us the support to be comfortable in our own skin and be proud of it too! Embrace your true essence for who you are, we love you because you are “you” – we do not want you to be anyone else.

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I will also be speaking at the Awaken Fair on Sunday at the DoubleTree Hotel in Ft Lee NJ at 11:00 AM – Join me to discover your true nature.
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Share with me what connects you to feeling perfect in your own skin. I would love to hear from you.