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Feng Shui Consultations, designed to fit your specific needs, Relationships, Abundance, Business, Personal and Transitions whether physical, spiritual or emotional. Each consultation begins First with Feng Shui “For You” the person, helping to create the space that is perfect for you ~ aligning with your desires in life from the inside out.

“I am always looking for ways to improve my business and my life. I listened to the comments from my friends who had worked with Lois Kramer Perez and I was very intrigued yet skeptical, but I knew I needed some sort of a change so I engaged the services of Lois for a Feng Shui Consultation. She came to my apartment and analyzed everything about it. I was very impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. She then moved 3 pieces of sculpture and the result was astounding. There definitely was an energy shift because the relationship with my husband of 25 years improved and the direction of my business became more clarified and focused. I highly recommend working with Lois and I am sure you too will be pleasantly surprised with the results.”

Ann Greenberg | Founder/President


Realtors have found, after the house/property has been cleaned, staged, primped and painted, it may look fabulous but no one is biting. Something just doesn’t feel right. All of the surrounding the properties are selling, but this one – no activity at all. Now is the time to call in their secret weapon – Lois, to perform her Feng Shui Clearing. Lois uses time tested dowsing techniques to “cleanse” & “balance” the property, attracting the perfect new owners ready to make the deal.

“Lois did an amazing job on a home that we were trying to sell. 5 days after Lois did a clearing, the home went under contract – after have been on the market for months. Her intuition about the home and her thoughtful suggestions certainly helped us breakthrough to a successful closing.”

Maria Rini & Richard Gneiding


Whether you are moving into a new space or preparing to sell your current property – it is recommended to balance & clear the energy. This process is also perfect to “refresh” the energy of your space. Moving into a new home, you would bring in your own mattress to sleep on and scrub the kitchen, bathrooms & floors – not sleep on someone else’s mattress, right? If you are moving out – you would want to disconnect from the property you are leaving and have it “cleansed” for the new owners to notice “how good it feels” like Goldilocks said – “it feels just right! This is the way to sell a house. Lois works with home owners, realtors, and landscape companies bringing the environment to a supportive state for the benefit of the occupants needs.

“There has been a huge shift here since you have done your work. I look forward to doing things now, as before I could not get out of my own way. Taylor’s social life has suddenly expanded, which she lacked before your visit. Thank you!”

Deb, Taylor & Mr. Nashbrook | Oakland, New Jersey


For those times that you need a little more support in specific situations, preparing for a job interview, a contract signing, real estate showing, a difficult or stressful situation, and most recently, requests for oil tank clearing – remote clearing for releasing stress, supporting ease.

“Lois is a charismatic, and passionate person. She is my secret weapon when it comes to my home and work environment. She’s has the ability to identify the smallest change to completely shift the energy of a room. It’s like a big exhale when she shares her gift. Most recently she cleared our property as we were having an old oil tank removed. For anyone who has had this experience, it’s a nail biter.. you are hoping for no holes in the tank or else you are in for an environmental mess. The result was no holes and we got our papers giving our property the green light. Thank you Lois!”

Debra Angilletta, Business Profits Expert


Lois specializes in “Parts Therapy” going directly to the root of the issue the client is ready to release. A wonderful tool for changing behaviors such as nail biting, smoking, food issues, dealing with phobias or enhancing abilities to learn, perform and absorb information with the ability to retain the information, to name just a few. Past life regression is another way to get in touch with parts of the self that may be expressing today. Relaxation technique sessions also available. The Popular Healthy Mind Healthy Body Program is life changing, from the inside out.

“I admit I was sure that I was attending my first session withLois because I wanted to support her. I was way too practical to think that meditation or hypnosis would work on me, let alone improve my life. I am also honest enough to admit when I am wrong. Working with Lois I was able to overcome addictions to foods that had haunted me for most of my life. I am more focused, more at ease with the world. I can breathe through things that would have stopped me in my tracks just a few months ago. It has been 5 months and I am maintaining and improving on all she taught me. I am so glad I trustedLois. Her spirit sings and we should all dance along.”

JT Ridgewood NJ


Get insight and a keen awareness of your true nature. Combining Lois’ intuitive abilities, feng shui principles, and 5 element face reading, these assessments bring understanding of your true nature, why you experience life the way you do – what can shift you out of balance and what you can do about it. You will experience the people in your life from a whole new perspective and begin relating to them in a brand new way.

“Through the information that feng shui gives, life in our crazy world seems more predictable. Lois gentle, humours and loving way of presenting my reading is helping me embrace where I’m at, reminding me of the perfect unfolding of what’s happening now. thank you”

HR Ireland


“All that remains constant is change” Once you have had a consultation, it is important to recognize that you as you change, your environment may be ready to change to support you. Yearly updates will observe your current status, how you have experienced the current year, what you can do to maximize the coming year, and maximizing the annual “bonus boosters.”