Transform Your Essence with Feng Shui Style

Online Tues Nov 16 CDI or Wed Dec01 RCS

7:00 – 8:30 PM


11/16 Online Register

Or 12/01 Ridgewood Community School Call 201-670-2777

Feng Shui is everywhere and in everything, it is in nature, in your space and in your unique personal elemental archetype. You know about creating a space using the feng shui principles to support your desires and your unique elemental archetype. Let’s refine this even more: transform your inner essence by purposefully choosing how you dress. What you wear affects how you show up in the world.

Get lost in a rainy day. Disappear into the background. Stand out in the crowd. Show up at the leader. Get motivated to get moving, and so much more. Guess What! You have the power to choose! How you choose to dress when you are working on the phone or only visible from the waist up makes a difference.  Join us for a fun and informative session to learn how to use the Feng Shui Principles to state your intention by how you dress. Dress for the person you choose to be in any given situation

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