Event - Peace Om Calming Project with Lois - Lois Kramer Perez
The Peace Om Calming Project™ with Lois Kramer-Perez, C.Ht.

June 22, 2021 7-8:30 PM, EDT

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Peace Om Calming Project w Lois
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Have you noticed you are more sensitive lately?
Do you feel like a sponge?
Picking up all the chaos, fear, anger and frustration of the world?

Do you find yourself going about your day happily and then suddenly it feels like a switch has gone off and boom – a blast of emotions practically bowls you over?

You are not alone.

The world has been exploding with emotions of anger, fear, chaos.

You may have not realized how empathic you truly are.

We all have the capacity to feel – the question is:
do you allow your feelings to control you OR do you want to be in control regardless of what is happening around you?

And.. just because you don’t see it – doesn’t mean you aren’t feeling it.

Are ready to find relief from the stresses of the environment we live in today?
Are you ready to stop allowing situations,
of which you have no control, control you?

You feel lighter already!

Learn the simple mindfulness and personal clearing techniques to find you are now moving from victim to victor.

Through breathing, visualization, anchoring and guidance, even the most active minds are surprised to find ease using these simple techniques.

The moment you begin changing your patterns through choice,
you can respond to events of which you have no control.

Become a part of the Peace Om Calming Project which deposits peace, calm and clarity into the world.
Let’s flood the energy of peace so there is no room for left chaos to exist.

Are you with me?

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