Advanced Dowsing, An Exploration of Energy

Tuesday – December 8th

7:00 – 9:00 PM


What is dowsing?

A tool for exploring, the art of finding hidden things:

Dowsing has been a divination tool for hundreds of years, finding water, finding people, finding energy fields. In this class, you will learn advanced methods for dowsing using the pendulum and Dowsing L Rods.

  • Practice using the pendulum to receive specific information.
  • Practice using your pendulum to clear yourself, your chakras, and how to clear each other.
  • Learn the benefits of clearing your space and how to use your pendulum to clear the “hitchhiker energy” you pick up as you go about your day.
  • Learn tools to gain freedom from the hitchhiker energy in malls, elevators, public and private places. *Have fun and become “cleared” in this experiential class while enhancing your skills.

Some Pendulum Experience Beneficial

Bring your favorite pendulum or a tea bag on a string with 1 quarter taped to each side of the teabag.

Zoom Link will be emailed from Lois 1 hour prior to class


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