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Chapter 15 "The Feng Shui Breakthrough" by Lois

So honored to be a contributor to this anthology. I wrote my chapter, chapter 15, "The Feng Shui Breakthrough" because I find my life has been filled with the unexpected. As I reflected on these past years, I could have never imagined this is where I would be. And because of the many opportunities that appeared before me, and are still showing up, I have gone to places I never knew existed. Getting out of our heads and into our hearts is something everyone should experience.

This chapter will help people find the inspiration within themselves, to be themselves with purpose. Our most powerful relationship is with ourselves. As we become comfortable in our own skin, our confidence rises, we are powerful, our distractions clear, old perceptions melt away. We find our blocks begin to release as begin we moving forward. 

We have all heard about "The Secret" and many other rituals where we make a vision board or write ourselves a check under the full moon. These are all well and good, however; we must participate with action for something to happen. Sitting and hoping and dreaming will not get us sustainable results. As we begin to participate with our inner strength and passion driving us, we breakthrough and get results.

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Lois Kramer-Perez CHt. is the go to expert when you’re finally ready to receive passionate relationships, a peaceful home, and a life you love. She puts her 10+ years of feng shui energy clearing to work for relators, divorcees, business owners, and busy women, to put them in the drivers seat with their relationships and spaces. She is a sought after speaker, expert, and author; creator of popular programs such as “Clearing Meditation Circle” and the “Feng Shui Jumpstart”. Lois is a faculty member at Emerson and Ridgewood Community Schools in NJ, a top contributor to Inner Realm and Natural Awakenings Magazines,’s Feng Shui Expert, Teacher and sits on the board of the International Feng Shui Guild. Lois is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, Feng Shui Alliance School and Institute of Hypnotherapy. Begin your breakthrough now at get results.

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