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Feng Shui and Fabulous for Abundant Living Tip #1

It’s a bright new year, rather than make resolutions, why not open our awareness. In our fast past lives today, we are barely conscious of what is happening. Feng Shui principles help us create an environment for fabulous and abundant living. When we have a positive supportive environment, everything is possible! Here is your first […]

It’s A Feeling Floating Day

I am floating ~ After the excitement of all the holiday celebrations, I am floating through this “watery wintery day” mesmerized by the snowflakes falling outside my window. I embrace this beautiful energy of winter, gliding through my day, enjoying just being, smiling and dreaming. If you too are feeling dreamy, and find your motions today […]

Embrace the Joys of the Season

Embrace the Joys of the Season, Embrace Each Other. Express your Love for One and Other, These vibrations will reach all mankind, all living things. We Are All Connected…. Thank you to all, the bright lights in my life, for Reminding Me to Feel the Love, Reminding Me to Embrace the Moments, Inspiring me yet […]

Harvest Prayer – Meaningful Today & Always

Harvest Prayer ~ Anonymous 17th Century Sermon Please be GENTLE with yourself & others We are all children of chance And none can say why some fields blossom While others lay brown beneath the harvest sun Take HOPE that your season will come Share the JOY of those whose season is at hand CARE for […]

Giving Thanks, Feeling Gratitude

A time for Giving Thanks, Feeling Gratitude. Helping our neighbors near and far. Give without expectation, Receive with Grace Be Compassionate in Your Thoughts and Actions. We all make a difference in this world, What we think, what we feel, our vibrations Are deposited into the collective, Building on thoughts, feelings, vibrations that are there […]

Refine Yourself, Define Yourself

How is every feeling, I have noticed an upheaval of sorts, I can feel the churning of energy in the air. We are feeling beings, what is deposited into the collective is what we feel. Amidst all the grief and heartache happening in this world, if we have felt this feeling before, our bodies are […]