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Creating A Garden That’s Perfect For You

Translated literally, Feng Shui means Wind Water. Wind represents the energy we cannot see but can feel. “Water represents the energy in our physical spaces we can see. Feng Shui is based on the principles of the cycles of nature using the 5 elements, helping us to create balance in our lives as we connect […]

Release The Stress – It’s Not Mine! Tools to Become The Driver of Your Destiny by Lois Kramer-Perez CHt.

We all have the ability to change emotional patterns in our life. The first step is changing our relationship to these charges of energy we feel which show up as emotions, triggered by events, others, scents or even sounds. I am sure we have all experienced walking into a room and noticing it feels a bit […]

Fly Like A 3 ~ Soar Like A 4

Fly like a “3”  It’s early morning, the burst of spring. Awakened, I am sprouting wings. Filled with ideas as high as the sky. So much excitement I feel I can fly! Soar like a “4” Propelled by the wind I begin to soar. Moving faster, effortless. I want more! The principles of Feng Shui […]

Exercises for The Spirit In Your Daily Life

It’s the beginning of another new year, we have set our goals, and here we are, already into our second month of the year, February. It’s time to check in to see what is going on. As important as it is to exercise our physical bodies we must also exercise our minds and spiritual bodies. […]