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How do you manifest your intentions? Have you noticed once you have set your intentions – conscious or unconsciously they manifest accordingly? If you change your course mid-stream – what happens? Well have I got some stories for you! If you are in the flow when you set you intention then it is set at […]

A State of Grace

I notice that the word “Grace” keeps coming into my awareness.  During these moments I find I am in a quiet, simple, state.  Feeling like a breath, very still, yet very fluid, effortlessly in motion, as if I am viewing from afar. I guess this is what is meant by being in a state of […]

Thanksgiving Joy

Thanksgiving reminds us to give Thanks All of the people in my life remind me to be grateful each week, with each class, with each conversation. I want to take this time to express my gratitude for all you ~ You inspire me & guide me to move forward ~ I am so grateful for […]

Simplify ~

When you feel the need to simplify ~ look to nature, take a breath…..  Clear crisp autumn days offer a simple beauty that can cleanse the soul. Become aware of how you are feeling so that you can capture the simplicity of the energy around you. Spending the weekend at the beach, sitting on a […]

Lovely October Autumn Days

Still Feelin’ It! The air is crisp and clean ~ precise ~ In the world of Feng Shui Autumn is related to the element Metal – which is precise, controlled, also a time of completion, a contracting energy. We witness the splendor of the trees transforming from their lush green to the vibrant colors of […]