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….By Just Being

We  all make a difference in the world.  Each and every one of us,  makes a difference by just being. As we each begin to find balance and embrace it, even for just a moment,  all who are around us can experience the same. As part of the collective, we create the whole. As we […]

At This Moment

At this moment, stop and notice where you are, take a moment to see how far you have come. This is not about going back and reliving past experiences, but celebrating where you are now in your journey, enjoying the moments along the way, seeing how far along you are at this moment. When you […]


I am noticing, how I am reminded that I am in control of me & I have the power to make the choices that are right for me. I felt this theme beginning this weekend, Monday night again and Tues afternoon. When the universe presents information for me 3 in a row, I know something […]

Looking Through the Lens of Me

My last post, as I wrote about my childhood nature, it really brought me back to that place. I experienced all those feelings again. I shared that writing with my inspiring little sister, she had no memory that I was such a fearful child. Could it be she had a different experience than I did, I […]

Gratitude & Inspiration

I have been thinking a lot about gratitude and inspiration these past few weeks. What has come to mind are the people in my life as they inspired me from the very beginning. It is as if I am connecting through my roots, my foundation. I can feel my “Root Chakra“, at the base of […]


Inspiration We all need it What brings you inspiration? Sound,  Music, Color, Taste, Children Laughing, The Ocean, The Mountains, Vibrant Energy ~ As we set our sights on creating an wonderful 2012, We want to dream BIG, BEYOND our WILDEST DREAMS, We want to revel in our daydreams, inspired, experiencing how it feels. Take a […]

Embrace The Joys of The Season

I love this time of year as I find myself reflecting, grateful for all that has come to pass. I have realized these past years that my greatest inspiration are the people in my life. My friends, my family, my students, my clients, my colleagues, my teachers & mentors, the many new people I am […]

Sweet Indulgence of Joy

Holiday Season is Really Here! How are you experiencing it? With lights ablaze from the Christmas Trees & Menorahs – I am finding a very different experience this season. The undertone of the element water – the element of winter, gives me a sense of floating amidst the firey excitement & flurry. It is quite […]


How do you manifest your intentions? Have you noticed once you have set your intentions – conscious or unconsciously they manifest accordingly? If you change your course mid-stream – what happens? Well have I got some stories for you! If you are in the flow when you set you intention then it is set at […]

A State of Grace

I notice that the word “Grace” keeps coming into my awareness.  During these moments I find I am in a quiet, simple, state.  Feeling like a breath, very still, yet very fluid, effortlessly in motion, as if I am viewing from afar. I guess this is what is meant by being in a state of […]