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I Am Water, See Me Swirl

Discover Your True Nature: Water We have the potential to express the 5 elements in our behavior, do you resonate with water? read on … I welcome your comments It’s a lovely Autumn Day, even through the clouds I enjoy the vibrancy of color, as the leaves continue to turn. Today I feel the energy […]

Resonate With Your Words

Words…. Sometimes we need to connect to the unspoken, the feelings that evoke words. I came across this poem by Rumi, it speaks to me today.. “Silence is like an ocean Speech is like a river When the ocean is searching for you Do not walk into the language river Instead listen to the ocean […]

Rise Up

The events beginning last week, leading to today have been wonderful causes to celebrate, opening our awareness to be grateful for all our bounty.. Monday Sept 17 brought us the Jewish New Year, leading to Friday Sept 21 International Day of Peace & we welcomed the Autumn Equinox as it arrived Saturday. Today for the […]


Imagine ~ Allow your imagination to play.. what do you imagine in your dreams ?.. are you feeling free, peaceful, joyful… smile into your heart as you imagine a moment of just being… breathe… feel the sensation of your breath,                                                             […]

Is It All In My Head?

What song plays in your head…. Do you sometimes feel like the same thing is going around & around again? How do we get fixated on one thing that distracts us from being present in the moment? I recall when I was younger, in elementary school, Frank Sinatra had a hit song  that drove me […]

The Feeling of Whoosh!

When was the last time you noticed the feeling of “whoosh!”? It may be most obvious when in a large group of people… but it is happening all around us all the time. Last month I attended a Bruce Springsteen concert at The Prudential Center ~ my first ! The place was packed…. The “floor” […]